Happy Earth Day!

Lake Superior Sunset

Today’s Earth Day dawned rather wet. It rained so that I was afraid that the earth might drown, but by noon it stopped and we soon headed over to Forest Park and the annual Earth Day festival. At least, the rain succeeded in knocking all of the pollen out of the air that has been bothering me of late. The festival acts like an outdoor mall, with hundreds of little booths, all of which are hawking something. Sometimes it is a cause, but on others it is merchandise. The connection that some of these booths have with Earth Day is pretty obvious, but for others it is a long march down the path of six degrees of separation. The weather had muted today’s turnout, but that’s OK, fewer people made for a more enjoyable experience. Tomorrow will be the pick day and I suspect that the crowds will be there for it. Today’s low turnout made each booth’s hawker all the more desperate to lure you in to listen to their spiel, if not actually buy.

As the years roll-on from that first Earth Day, oh so long ago, each new year’s festival seems to lose a little more of that quirky hippy-dippy atmosphere of the original, only to be supplanted with more and more corporate order. The below pictured van was a notable exception to this corporate creep. The festival’s food booths were a noticeable improvement over the past. Plenty of local restaurants were there representing. We’ll likely return again tomorrow, because we plan on bicycling in the park and the festival’s food would make for a nice lunch stop.  


The Tate

What I liked best about the Tate Modern, was its top floor, which afforded an excellent view of London. It has a 360º field-of-view. I was fascinated by the adjoining apartment buildings, with their open floor plan and modern look. A place to be seen as well as see. There were signs at the Tate, asking visitors not to annoy the neighbors, but on this day they were nowhere to be seen.

My Dad who lives in Monterey claims that he ended California’s drought, when he installed solar panels on his house. Soon after they became operational, the clouds moved in and the rain began. I warned him not to install a geo-thermal system, because, well it’s California. Dad, don’t tempt the fates. In other Monterey news, one of Chris’s Bixby Bridge pics was green screen paired with Nicole Kidman in a promo still for the HBO series, Big Little Lies. 🙂

Saint Peter’s Church Leuven, Belgium

Meanwhile, David has completed his visit with his colleagues in Leuven and is now spending a few days there sightseeing. He has visited both Brussels and Bruges. I think that he is ready to make a decision, Boston or Belgium. The church is in the background on the right. That is a hotel on the left and in the foreground is an underground, bicycle parking garage, with a glass front. Why do I persist in bicycling in America?

A Flamboyance of Flamingos


I went to the zoo this week, the first that I’ve been there, since before London and it was a real zoo, with millions of screaming children running all about. It has warmed up and most of the animals are now out. This includes the flamingos, who winter in the old building that was once used for the sea lion show. The sea lions have a new facility, so they don’t use it any more. The flamingos are not on display in this building, but you can glimpse them through the windows. More importantly, they can see you too and it gets them pretty agitated, so I don’t like to do it often. This week, they were reinstalled in their summer quarters in the zoo’s central lake. While observing them, I overheard two women discuss how they were moved from their winter to summer quarters. Apparently, one keeper per bird, holds the bird with arms outstretched, one hand holding the neck and the other the legs. They try to keep the birds perfectly straight. I guess that this helps to subdue them for the quarter-mile hike.

I had lunch today with the Perma-Bear. We met at the Sugarfire Smokehouse in Olivette, which is really helping to put Saint Louis on the map as a kingpin in the barbecue biz. We caught up with each other on old times. I got to tell him about my travels and I was surprised with his news of the lengthy list of people who have left the company. I guess that I got out at a good time.