Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler

Dan and Britt launch south this morning. They are headed to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, where they’ll camp tonight and maybe tomorrow night, before returning to Brooklyn. We started packing and cleaning after they left. The car is mostly packed now and all of the in-house woodpiles have been replenished. We took a break from domestic activities, because we had a beach day today. This is our last day here, we’ll head south tomorrow. The mercury briefly touched seventy. It was comfortable when we sat out on the red bench, protected from the wind and watched the parade of ore boats coming down. When we went for our walk on the beach, there was a wicked wind out of the south that had blown away all of the dry sand, leaving only the wet sand to walk on. When we turned around from the long-end the wind began sandblasting our ankles. Anyway, it was a beach day, not the best that I’ve ever experienced, but certainly the best in a week. A good day to go out on. It is supposed to rain in the morning, before turning sunny for the afternoon, but we’ll be gone by then, wending our way home on another epic drive in the new RAV4, listening to satellite radio.

The jury is still out as to whether we will have a good sunset or not tonight. Anne caught the fiery ball of the sun floating above the horizon yesterday, but it was too cloudy to capture one of the western wildfire driven sunsets that are in the news. We have enjoyed six weeks up here at the cabin this summer. Kind of a record for us. I’ve stayed up here later in the summer than I ever have before. This long stay has brought more hardships, but more importantly additional opportunities to see and do new things and in this groundhog day of a year, anything new and different is good.

First to Final Cabin Flights

First Cabin Flight, DGI Inspire 2 in the Parking Lot

Dan got the Prius fixed this morning. I called around and mainly got ring-no-answer, answering machine or a real person who told me, maybe in a week or a month or so. Eventually, the Goodyear dealer enthusiastically answered the phone and said, “Come on down.” With dispatch, Dan and Britt went to town and quickly and cheaply got the engine splash cover reinstalled. Success was celebrated with lunches all around from Penney’s. This chore was completed quickly enough that there was time to fly the drone later today.

Dan and Britt hauled their drone case down the beach and flew around Doelle’s. They flew over the lighthouse keeper’s house again, but also they flew back into the swamp and saw the old lighthouse back there. I’ve seen the low-res dailies. It has long since collapsed, but is plainly visible, as is part of the stairs that were inside of it. Hopefully, at least a photo of it will grace this blog in the future. Along with the Doelle footage, Britt shot parts of the Green Tunnel Road and found it very nerve-wracking, but the dailies looked fantastic. 

This has been a super successful vacation for the drone-a-lots. First, they didn’t crash their drone. Second, they got lots of good footage. Third, they learned a lot in the process. Once they get their FAA licenses, they plan on compiling the new footage into an advertisement and then using it to market their services to the TV and movie industry. Dan has been working in the industry for years and wants to get out of carpentry, while he still has all of his fingers.

One impediment they have to overcome, is selecting a name for their company. They have been using a three word model as a working title. Aerial has to be one of the three words. It is an industry standard term that denotes drones. They have been cohabitating for the past few weeks, with a pair of avid birders and when they made last night’s pizza run they got a close-up view of a kestrel. As of now kestrel appears to have bubbled to the top in the mix. There are two types of kestrels, Common (no way) and American (maybe). American Kestrel Aerial (AKA), if abbreviated could be confused with Also-Known-As and there already is another kestrel aerial company. Last night, they were thinking of Brooklyn Kestrel Aerial, but didn’t want to be pigeonholed to one particular local. Anne suggested Lakeshore Kestrel Aerial and I forwarded Superior Kestrel Aerial, both of which Dan dismissively shortened to Lake Kestrel Aerial and Super Kestrel Aerial. Maybe, we should crowd source this search?

Tomorrow they leave the cabin. They are going to break up the drive with some camping at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. After they leave, it will be white-tornado time for us, and then the day after, dawn launch and heading home. How about Coastal Kestrel Aerial? Looking forward to your suggestions. How about Questing Kestrel Aerial? Too much?

Drone Sunset Shoot

Drone Sunset Shoot

While yesterday was a beach day, today was not so much. It was raining when I woke, it rained all day, it was still raining after dark. Anne and I hunkered down, but Dan and Britt went to town. Britt had a package to mail and afterwards Dan hit a pothole in the parking lot. His Prius bottomed out and its splash shield was left dragging. Dan had to crawl beneath the car and pull off the shield, just to drive. Laundromat and then lunch followed. Dan want’s to reinstall this shield, before he heads back to Brooklyn. We were just beginning to wind things down up here. This little hiccup hopefully won’t crimp our getaway plans too much. This teed up Sunday’s activities that primarily consisted of buying fasteners.

Yesterday’s rain eventually gave way to another big blow. So, yet another not a beach day. There was almost no beach to speak of anyway. I discovered a thing called Cottagecore. An Internet aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills. The Cottagecore aesthetic emphasizes nature, simplicity, peacefulness and has been described as a visual and lifestyle movement. Classic Cottagecore themes eschew digital connectedness in favor of a connectedness to nature. This summer, I have spent more than a month and a half living in a cabin in the woods. I think that I have been living this Cottagecore lifestyle aesthetic.