Newly Stained Back Porch

The back porch project was completed yesterday, and I paid for it today via a bank draft. It looks really nice! Plus, we are currently experiencing wonderfully temperate weather too, so it is possible to pleasantly enjoy it now. We can walk on it today and by tomorrow, we can reinstall our porch furniture.

In other news, yesterday, one of our neighbors called us and asked for our help. She had been violently throwing-up and was in quite a bit of pain. She was at the local urgent care and needed a ride to the ER and also for one of us to drive her car home for her. We both hopped into our car and headed over there. I took her car home and Anne drove to the hospital. Her car was a Subaru Outback. It had a jumpy accelerator. All I had to do was just touch the pedal and the car would leap forward. That feature in the urgent care’s cramped and crowded lot made getting out of the lot a bit difficult, but I successfully maneuvered my way home without hitting anything. Anne ended up staying with the neighbor for most of the afternoon. Turns out she had gallstones. The hospital diagnosed this using ultrasound. They also gave her morphine for her pain, which seemed to have helped ease her discomfort quite a bit. Today, we saw our neighbor again and she is feeling much better. She is going to wait and see how she does and hopes that she won’t have to schedule surgery after all. She also gifted Anne a really nice-looking potted plant for her Good Samaritan turn.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings from 1910

Last year, as part of Harry’s divestiture of his long lived-in house in Ann Arbor, we ended up with boxes and boxes of old photos and letters. Yesterday, Anne was going through some of these items and came across this birthday card to her maternal grandmother, Grandma Finlayson, nee Margaret Blanche Raeburn, who was 22 when this birthday card was written to her by her dad, William Raeburn Jr. (1853-1935). He was living in the Soo at the time. She was at college in Battle Creek. Secretarial College maybe—Don (her future husband) has referred to her learning shorthand in his letters.

Sault Ste Marie, April 23rd, 1910

Dear Muggins:

Many thanks for the beautiful birthday postcard. And more particularly for the loving message it contained. All that you wished, I wish for you, so may your wishes all come true. Enclosed herewith please find a poor miserable little $5.00 check, but if you will accept it in the spirit in which it is sent. It will suddenly be transformed into a much larger check, but not at the bank where you can get it cashed.

Your very loving