Tennessee State Museum

Ernest Tubb Record Shop

We visited the Tennessee State Museum, which has a fine new building, but only a middling collection. Many exhibits dwell on war: Indian, Revolutionary, 1812 (In Canada known as the war of American aggression.), Civil, WWI and WWII. All of this warfare is fitting for the patron state of shooting stuff. In addition to war, both slavery and civil rights are well covered.

One fun topic that is covered is music, for which Nashville is deservedly known. Near the museum is the Bicentennial Park Bells, a beautiful carillon. We ate lunch at the next door Farmers Market. Its food court had a pretty good selection to choose from. Later for dinner, we got takeout at Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria, a historically black establishment. Tonight’s special was husky sized pizzas at slim prices.

As we were doing the pizza run, Rey told me about a book that he and Becca have. It is a YA novel by author Angie Thomas, whose first book, The Hate U Give, was a runaway bestseller, with almost two-years on the NYT bestseller list. It has also been optioned for a movie. Before Corwin was born, they attended a reading by the author of this new book, On the Come Up. What I found interesting in this book is that the young black female protagonist’s mother is called Jay and her sister is called Pooh. Making her sister, Auntie Pooh. Auntie Pooh is a good egg, although she is a drug dealer, but other than her choice of employment, she still has the family’s best interests at heart.

The rest of the day was consumed watching the Corwin show. He has an affinity for lights. He loves to stare up at them. Today, I tried running the ceiling fan, with the lights on. It appeared to be a hit. The day was the coldest day here yet, but the wind slackened, making it feel warmer than yesterday.


Bilateral Time Slicer Intermix, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, 2017

21c Museum Hotels is a combination contemporary art museum and boutique hotel chain. We visited the Nashville branch of this chain that was launched by Laura Lee Brown, heiress to the Jack Daniels fortune. There are currently ten hotels-museums in the chain. A venue in Chicago is opening soon and a Saint Louis branch is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

In all its venues, this is the only museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art of the 21st century. The museum is open free of charge 24/7. All of the hotels are built in salvaged and repurposed old downtown buildings. The one in Saint Louis is slated for the old downtown YMCA building.

The intermix of faces in the bilateral time slicer include Anne, Becca, Corwin, Rey and myself. Think of it as a photo-booth, with extra artistic help. Anne was the first person to use this machine and for the longest time, hers was the only one displayed. She was eventually able to coax the rest of us in joining her on camera. With each new face, older images (in time, not age), are then pushed outwards, I managed to snap this photo, before my face was acquired by the AI.

We had lunch in Germantown, one of the older and now trendier neighborhoods in Nashville. We ate takeout Thai for dinner. With the game Gizmos, Rey took the gloves off on us today. It wasn’t pretty and he wants to play Scrabble next.

Rey and Becca are in full house hunting mode. They are focusing on the area near where they rent, which is very cosmopolitan. Unfortunately, ICE is preying on this diversity. Trump is complaining about the homelessness in San Francisco and LA, but the homelessness in Nashville rivals what I’ve seen on the left coast. Here is a better photo of Corwin, the man of the moment. Left Off! Power to the people! Or am I reading too much into that little fist?


Party Like It’s 1999!

Sumatran Tiger

The Corwin show got taken on the road today. We went to the Nashville Zoo. I was way more impressed with it than I had expected to be. There were many different species then can be seen at the Saint Louis Zoo, yielding lots of new photo-ops. We scored Mexican for lunch and Indian for dinner and in-between watch some football on TV. The Tennessee Titans faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs for a berth in next month’s Super Bowl. Even though it was an away game, Titan hometown, Nashville, was going crazy over it. The last time that the Titans were in the Super Bowl was 1999, where the then Saint Louis Rams ended up winning. Nashville party like it’s 1999 again, because the Chiefs won.