No one Invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner

Becca, Rey and Dave all arrived safely last night. Rey and Becca arrived first, making good time, having drove straight through from Chattanooga. I made Saint Louis style veggie pizzas for dinner, also-know-as Imo’s. Dave’s flight from Boston was early too. Lambert was a zoo, what with it being its busiest day of the year and all. It was almost like old times, like back in the day, when Saint Louis was still a hub. While Rey and I were scanning the arrivals for Dave, Dan, who elected not to travel on this holiday was chiming in on our group text chat chain. Later, Kennard, Dave’s high school buddy, swung by and they went out, while the rest of us went to bed.

This morning, everyone broke fast with Trader Joe’s croissants, both chocolate and almond. These little beauties started the night before looking like a dog’s chew toy, but came out of the oven all flakey and brown. Rey and Becca went to the zoo, while Anne and I worked in the kitchen. We got the bird in the oven on the first stroke of noon. Is this hubris that I’m feeling or are we really that good?

Joanie joined us for supper. We all tripped out on tryptophan, excepting Becca. Sides included, Auntie Anne’s homemade cranberry sauce, Harry’s stuffing that was updated with some really good veggie chorizo, roasted potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato soup, a pear-pomegranate-walnut-cheese salad and Rey and Becca’s roasted Brussel sprouts with chipotle sauce. Joanie bookended the meal with horderves and a Tippin’s pumpkin pie, plus rolls.

4 Days with the Fam… send Booze

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In preparation for Thanksgiving, the media is full of advice on how to get along with the family. Number one on the list is don’t talk politics and number two is respect people’s privacy. The first one shouldn’t be too much trouble, we’re all pretty homogenized in the political sense, but I’ll have to guard against violating the second one, because I do like to pry.

This post’s title was first spied several Thanksgiving holidays ago. We were on the road that year and in a driving rain, we were passed by a battered old Volvo station wagon. On its back window, written in white shoe polish, was “4 Days with the Fam… Send Booze”. Anne always wondered if the driver planned on erasing that message, when they got home, but I always figured that the message was written for the whole family. Hopefully, we can do better than that or at the very least, not run out of booze.

What Will You Be Plating this Holiday?

Sardines and Kelp

We here at RegenAxe are always searching, nay scouring the world for new and exotic culinary treats and with our national holiday dedicated to food soon fast upon us, this quest has reached a fever pitch. Even at this late hour, we are still formulating our Thanksgiving day menu. Our modern turkey day table requires cuisine that meets a multitude of palates. What with your veggies and vegans,  paleo, traditionalists, gluten-free, lactose intolerant and just plain food fussy, it is hard to plate a meal. As if, just plating a meal is what “it” is all about, because we also have lapping at our heels all those Martha wannabes. This isn’t a food fight, this is a food war. So, let’s get it on!

Hey, we’ll be the first to admit that last year’s holiday meal didn’t go as well as we had hoped, but when you’re cooking on the leading edge, taking risks, things sometime happen. It’s not like anyone died. Our attorney doesn’t want us to say anymore and we won’t, except that most of the paralysis is gone from most of the guests. We like to say. what’s past is past and then move on.

This year we have a totally novel Thanksgiving idea. Now, it not fully thought out, but bear with us. The above picture captures it perfectly, sardines and kelp. Well? …Huh. Don’t rush to judgement until you hear some of the details.

First, we plan on serving the sardines live and swimming in a large green tureen that we will place in the middle of our table. All of our guests will be issued little spear guns. What could go wrong with that? It will be like shooting fish in a barrel, except it won’t be a barrel, but that fancy tureen we got at our wedding and haven’t been able to find a use for until now.

Complementing this life aquatic themed party, we’ll also give our guests face masks and snorkels. With barbed projectiles flying, eye protection is always a good idea, plus we can decant champagne down the snorkels. Sounds like fun!

What about the kelp? I’m so glad that you asked. We plan on wrapping the fish in the kelp leaves, something like what is done using grape leaves with Greek dolmades. Except that comparison doesn’t really do our plans justice, because we won’t just be wrapping the sardines, we’ll be dressing them in the latest of fashions. We can’t say who they will be wearing, we’re still negotiating, but rest assure this will be a meal to remember, where haute cuisine meets high fashion.