False Alarm

A Mister Red T Rodent Es-squirrel Wannabe

This morning, while we were still lying-in bed… Why do these squirrel tales always involve us still being bed? I mean it wasn’t even that late and it was cold this morning, like it has been cold almost every morning this summer. When is it going to warm up some? Anyway, Anne was on her phone, probably playing Wordle, when first we heard the distinctive skittering of a squirrel overhead. It began at the far side of the sleeping porch, over by the door and approached us until it was directly overhead. I yelled and it skittered away, back the way it had come. I got up and was trying to pinpoint the sound, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, said squirrel climbing down from the roof, on the outside of the cabin. It mustn’t have been unable to see me standing right in front of it, in the darkened cabin, because it crawled around for a while, before heading up the outside of the chimney and out of sight. This activity was enough to rouse Anne, who went outside to yell at the squirrel, which evoked some chittering from it. So, all-in-all I guess that you would have to say that this event was only a false alarm, but it does serve to illustrate how frayed our nerves are over this whole rodent situation. When will we find peace again?

He’s Back!

Once Busted Bandit, Back Again?

Yesterday, Anne first heard and then saw a red squirrel inside the cabin, not once, but twice. She was outside on the back deck and saw the squirrel under the ease of the roof of the main cabin, behind some hardware cloth and in the kitchen porch, through the soffit vents. That was last night. Since then, we have heard the squirrel again and again. First, right above us, while we were still lying-in bed this morning and then later today while eating brunch in the kitchen. It seems to have the run of the place. There was some thought there might also be baby squirrels in the cabin, but there has not been anything substantive in that vein. We checked all of the usual suspected entry points, but nothing looked likely. Stay tuned, we will not rest until this squirrel is repelled, like we successfully drove away the squirrel in the cabin two years ago. In other cabin news, Anne swept the pine needles off the roof, and I fixed the kitchen sink. So, it too no longer drips. More seats and springs stuff.

Bald Eagle Snack


Bald Eagle Snack – Seagull Remains

Down the beach, down at the far end of the beach, down where the wild things live that’s where you go when you choose to throw caution to the wind. Last week, the feathered remains of an eagle snack, was all that remained in the sand, down at the far end of the beach, down at Doelle’s where the old, haunted lighthouse keeper’s house still stands, just barely, but still. Along with caution, the wind has also been throwing kayaks about, not ours thankfully, but someone else’s and a nice one too. After yesterday’s blow, it ended up down by Doelle’s and then it looked like someone else must have pulled it up into the grass, so that it did not go further afield. Yesterday, was a cold and windy day. We kept the kitchen stove running until the middle of the afternoon. Finally, we decided to walk the road, to get some exercise, warmup a little and get out of the wind. Today, was laundry day. It was relatively warmer in the Soo but has once again turned cooler out here by the cabin. I now have all my newly washed clothes back on, just to keep warm. I hope that starts to get warmer here soon.