Galisteo Junction

Galisteo Junction, Woody Gwyn, 2010

According to Wiki, Galisteo is a small, not quite a town, in New Mexico. Located near Santa Fe, it is most famous as a popular movie location and has been used in numerous westerns. It is now more commonly known as Lamy Junction. The artist, Woody Gwyn, lives there. His painting, with its receding railroad tracks, makes a nice jumping off point for this post, which really doesn’t go anywhere.

Yesterday, we mailed off the last of our Christmas packages. We combined this errand with a little exercise. Instead of going to the local post office, we walked to one further away. We had visited the local one last week, but with only one clerk, the long line did not move and we eventually turned away and went to UPS instead.

It was a beautiful day for a walk. There is a certain calm and serenity in the midafternoon, especially on a work day. All the hustle and bustle of everyone else working seems somewhat removed, like spectacle to be viewed, but not participated in. Cars whiz by. Workmen labor, but we just walk on, together.

After depositing our packages, we stopped for lattes. The shop was busy and we snagged the last table. In writing this, I looked up the word latte, to see on which vowel I should put the accent. Instead, I learned a new word, hyperforeignism, a type of over correction that is designed to indicate when a word is a loanword and not native English. In French, latte has no accents.

Eventually, we returned home again. The school buses were running by then, indicating that it was already after three. We had clocked a sufficient number of steps and the almost solstice sun was already nearing the horizon. Shadows were lengthening and the day’s warmth was ebbing. Time to go to couch.

The Smocking Gun

The Smocking Gun

This is a National Emergy! Many people say that my text massages are very well written, but the Fake News distorts everything I say. It is unpresidented. It is such a waist. I have written many best selling books and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write. The worse ones are the WH press core. Their press covfefe was so mean. Thr coverage about me gas been so false and angry. They never treated Barrack Obama the way they do me, even though he tapp me. I am honered to be your 45th President of the United States. This is a roll that I was elected to, even though there were many amoung you who thought that I would loose. My WH council says that because of the special councel, I should not tweet so much. Melanie says the same, but what does she know. 

Money, Money, Money

George Washington Looks Upon the NYSE

High atop the front steps of Federal Hall, where he was first inaugurated, stands a statue of George Washington. He looks down on Wall Street and across it upon the New York Stock Exchange. This is the financial center of the world. This morning, we headed out to West County to visit our broker and our own little financial center. Afterwards for lunch, we dined out at Yen Ching. At the end, we got fortune cookies. Mine said, “An important discussion involving you will take place today.” This seemed more like post-diction than prediction. Anne’s said, “Your luck will soon be at a high point.” To which she quipped that it is all downhill from here. Our diagnostic meeting confirmed that our finances are in order and as far as retirement goes, everything is going according to plan, but as they say, past performance is not indicative of future results. Continued vigilance is required, but at least we are on the right path for now.