The Queen of Disco

Disco Ball Closeup – Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash

Last dance
Last chance, for love
Yes, it’s my last chance
For romance, tonight

Disco lives again! Anne and I attended Summer, the Donna Summer musical. This show was on regular rotation with our Fox Theater Broadway Musical Series. Donna Summer was the proported and eventually the self proclaimed Queen of Disco. This bio-musical tells her story, set to her musical sound track.

Bad girls
Talking about the sad girls
Sad girls
Talking about bad girls, yeah

Disco has earned a lot of derision, but it was also our courting music. Regularly on weekends, we would find ourselves dancing together to disco tunes in Grand Avenue nightclubs, adjacent to Michigan State University. Sweaty nights, full of glitz, glam and love. Most of the bars had no cover. The beer was cheap and the house’s only profit was derived from thirst quenching gulps, after sets of songs.

She works hard for the money
So hard for it, honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right

Disco eventually died and unfortunately, so did Donna Summer, in 2012. We’re both now too old to go clubbing anymore, but we still like to dance together. Not that we are all that good at dancing. You never know when your last dance will be. That’s why you should always dance every dance as if it was your last.

Lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby this evenin’
I need some hot stuff, baby tonight
I want some hot stuff, baby this evenin’
Gotta have some hot stuff
Gotta have some love tonight

Mums the Word

Mums the Word

Yesterday, was cold, but sunny, as opposed to today’s cold and dreary. I took advantage of yesterday’s dry weather to get out and visit the gardens. It was practically empty. The strings of holiday lights were still up, as attendants labor to take them down. I made a beeline for the oasis that is the Climatron, an island of lush tropical splendor in an otherwise ordinary winter world. My glasses always fog immediately, upon entering this geodetic humid hot house. What’s worse is that so does my camera’s lens. My glasses always acclimate quickly, but is seems to take forever for the camera to do the same. Eventually though it does and the photography can commence. Adjacent to the Climatron is the Mediterranean House, which is less warm and much less humid. The pictured potted mums were also left over from the holidays.

In-between the Climatron and the Mediterranean House is a children’s play area and in this area is a terrarium. This sign was displayed there, along with several boxes of roach hotels. I guess the staff had gotten fed up with them. Exiting the buildings, I toured the far reaches of the garden, getting my steps in for the day.

Eviction Notice

Friday, we awoke to no school. It was a snow day or sleet day or ice day. Which one? I don’t know. Probably all of the above, but as of late morning there had been no precipitation. The new school superintendent is way more liberal with the granting of snow days than the old one was. Anne woke up with her undies all in a bunch, because of all the things she could not get done, because of the unexpected snow day. The water company has taken a holiday too. Except for one guy, who must not have gotten the memo. I’m heading out now to the grocery store, to load up on milk, eggs and bread, because that’s a thing here.



After the 2016 election, Anne knitted herself a pink “pussy” hat that she wore in protest. That was then, this is now, nevertheless she persisted. Her pointy needle activism remains unrestrained. Cue her latest creation, an M-Peach-Mint cap. I mailed it off to Carl, who Anne credits the idea. I asked and she has enough yarn for another. Plus her favorite yarn store, Knitorius, is going out of business and she feels compeled to shop there at least one more time. Anyone want to help her out here? There is no guarantee that any such hat would be finished before the trial is over, but it should be done well before the 2020 election.

This week, the Virginia legislature ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Making it the 38th state to have done so. Normally, this is enough states to add an amendment to the US Constitution, but the ERA’s has a long and checkered history. Passed by Congress in 1972, it was given a ten-year window to reach ratification, which it did not make. Its critics declared it dead then, but its proponents did not give up. By this self imposed deadline only 35 states had ratified it. Subsequently, five states rescinded their ratification, but three new states eventually ratified it. So, a total of 38 states have ratified it.

The US Constitution is one of the oldest and shortest constitutions. It does not speak to the idea of a state rescinding its ratification, which could make such an act unconstitutional. The only time an admendment was ever reversed, as with prohibition, it took another admendment to do so. Similarly, the statue limiting the ERA’s period of ratification was enabling legislation that was not part of the amendment and is an idea that also has no support in the Constitution. Now that the ERA is purportedly ratified, any legislation limiting it could also be seen as unconstitutional. Hey, I’m no legal scholar, but on this blog, I like to play one.