Out on the Town

Manhattan at Night

The high holidays draw nigh. The NPR Morning Edition host signed off today with a holiday wish. Meaning, Thanksgiving is less than a week away. How did it sneak up on me, while I wasn’t paying any attention? Oh yeah, I wasn’t paying any attention. Closer to home, Dan flies in tomorrow. Dave will follow him on Wednesday and we’ll be a whole family again.

This so-called cooking holiday will hardly be a holiday from the kitchen at all. It usually entails an all-day cooking event. To that end, feeding the hungry masses, I reenacted my regular Saturday morning ritual of fixing breakfast. I went with my current go-to, avocado toast. It has evolved over time to its current higher plane. Almost lost are its original Kaldi’s roots, almost, but not quite. I still use Siracha Mayo as garnish. It’s really pretty simple, which works for me. One avocado, lemon and I’ve added a small tomato. Seasoned to taste and mixed all together into a green paste. I’ve long since dispensed with toast and have since converted to toaster naan. Today, I added Atlantic smoked salmon, with capers. It was a rousing success, if I do say so myself and was met with rave reviews. I think that I’ll be revisiting this dish on Thursday morning.

I got to say that since I have retired, I have become a better cook, not to crow all about it. Caw! Caw! Caw! I know, get some new material. Thanksgiving though is a team effort. It’s just too much for one person to handle and too much to accomplish in just one day. It seems too much for only one meal, but then you are forgetting about leftovers, which could last a week or at least the weekend. 

Speaking of eating, which this post seems to be all about, we went out last night. Originally, I wanted to go to Peno Soul Food, a new southern Italian pizzeria but it was slammed. The other Italian place across the street was a definite no-go, because at noon, it had a huge honey-dipper truck, sucking something out of it.

We ended up at Avenue and shared a few small plates for dinner: pumpkin ravioli, mushroom ragout and spinach salad. This left plenty of room for dessert and we doubled-down, with apples for Olivia, a signature puff pastry filled with pine nut pastry cream, topped with honey-roasted apples, served with apple sorbet and a lemon tart with fruit. We both liked the tart the best.

Also dining was a nuclear family. Mom and dad separated bro and sis, but that was hardly necessary, because both children were enraptured by each their own movie playing notebooks, accompanied with bulky headphones. Sis had pink ones. It was bad enough to see the two enraptured in the lead-up, but they continued their mesmerizing pleasures after the food was served and throughout the meal and I thought that iPhones at the table were bad enough. Of which I am guilty of using, but I feel really, really bad about it. 


Prometheus at Rockefeller Center

Yesterday’s snow completely blanketed St. Louis. By the end of today, it was mostly gone, easy come, easy go. Anne was at school again. It was a sunny day. Time to get out and about. Today’s mission was to become a pensioner. I’ve been living the life of the retired guy, but I haven’t been collecting my pension as of yet. To begin my pension, I need to send the old company some supporting documentation. One of the documents was in our safe deposit box. I decided to walk. The walks were mostly clear, except for the occasional slushy spot. Back home now, just waiting for the checks to start arriving.

And When the Saints

Jack Frost

And when the saints come marching in, I want to be in their number, like St. Anne, St. Bob, St. Colic, all closed. The list of school closings is full of saints. Winter storm Avery, the first named storm of the season, has nailed St. Louis. Anne had a middle school gig, now nada. In past years, we would watch the TV crawler and see first, Mapaville and Richwoods and an endless train of saints and almost never Maplewood-Richmond Heights, but not this time. 

Kelly Inc. robo called us at six. They called to say there would be no school. Thanks. I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards. Everything was so quiet out, being under a new blanket of snow. It looks like five inches from overnight and it’s still snowing. I can’t see the paper and I’m not about to go looking.

So, today is officially a snow day, but since both of our next door neighbors work from home, for them not so much. While most of the rest of our neighbors don’t appear to be in any hurry to go to work. Yesterday, I put up the bird feeders and they’re now doing a land office business. That didn’t take long. Waiting for the snow to stop falling, so that I can start digging ourselves out.