Turtle Park

Rey and Becca at Turtle Park

The newlyweds, Rey and Becca, blew into town last night. They are both living in Nashville now. So, their drive to Saint Louis is a lot shorter. For dinner, I fixed a veggie version of Jane’s world-famous chicken enchiladas, substituting tofu for the chicken. It turned out alright, but the next time I do a veggie version of this recipe, I think that I’ll substitute tempura for the chicken instead of tofu, because I think that will give the dish a better texture.

Anne had school today, leaving me to play tour guide. First, I cooked up a box of Trader Joe’s croissants for breakfast, another hat tip to Jane. We opened the Slammer. Unfortunately, this year’s big Egyptian exhibit had just closed. Still, there was a lot to see. We stayed until lunch, which was at Seedz. After lunch, we toured Bob Cassilly’s Turtle Park (Pictured) and then visited the MO history museum. After all that we were pretty much toast and went home to recharge.

Brothers of the Deer

Brothers of the Deer, Michael Coleman, 1986

According to the artist Michael Coleman, “Brothers of the deer refers to the ravens in the painting. The ravens were in many cases spotted on the horizon, preceding the migration of the great herds of caribou, and called brothers of the deer by northern tribes,” in referring to this painted scene on Vancouver Island.

I called my dad, because I was worried about my Aunt Betsy, his sister. She lives in Wilmington, NC and had decided to shelter in place during Flo. I first asked him how things were going, to which he answered, “Not so good.” My heart sank, but as it turned out, it was nothing. His Internet was out and he was missing it. It had been out for a few days and AT&T’s past promises of fixing the problem had already come and gone. It has been diagnosed as part of a sporadic outage that is affecting the area and has nothing to do with the equipment at his end. It sounded like a first world problem. As it turned out, he had called Betsy after the storm and she was fine. There was no damage to her home, but she had lost power. Consequently, she didn’t want to talk very long, for fear of losing the charge on her cellphone.

Anne and I went to The Rep last night, kicking off our theater season. I had to switch our regular tickets for this show and a number of others, in order to accommodate our future travel schedule. I did pretty well, except for a show in January (Sorry Joanie) and last night’s show, which I had to re-reschedule.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Evita” was the show.  This historical musical about Eva Peron of Argentina was one of Webber’s early shows. As it turns out, next week we have tickets for “Love Never Dies”, Webber’s sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera” and one of his latest shows. It will be interesting to compare and contrast these two works. I noticed many similarities between this show’s music and its predecessor “Jesus Christ Superstar”. It will be interesting to look for similar comparisons between “Phantom” and “Love Never Dies”. 

Downed Tree

Downed Tree in Avalanche Creek

What should we do with Brett Kavanaugh? Ever since Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her accusation of sexual assault, his confirmation has been thrown into question. Currently, both Ford and Kavanaugh have been invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. Ford has yet to RSVP, preferring that the FBI investigate her allegation first. Trump has indicated that he is not inclined to order such an investigation. What we are left with then is a he said – she said situation.  

Under the rules of the Judicial Conference that governs the behavior of federal judges, misconduct includes “conduct occurring outside the performance of official duties if that conduct might have a prejudicial effect on the administration of the business of the courts, including a substantial and widespread lowering of public confidence in the courts among.” If substantiated, this allegation meets that test. Little could have worse impact on the “public confidence in the courts”, than allowing someone who has been credibly accused of an incident Ford’s therapist’s notes describe as “rape attempt” to decide cases. Professor Ford need not file a complaint to initiate this investigation. Under the Judicial Conference procedures, the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit can “identify” a complaint based on media reports. The current chief judge of this court is Merrick Garland. Karma!