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Anne, Dan and Central Park’s 59th St. Skyline

Yesterday, I featured Anne’s new maple leaf shawl. Today, I would like to share pictures of Dan’s latest Glow Forge creation. Below are a pair of photos of a screen that Dan made. This screen will be used as an air conditioner cover for a photo shoot at West Elm, a high-end NYC furniture store chain. The above photo of the two of them is from a year ago last February. It was a warm day, well warm for New York in February. We had spent the day at the Cloisters, viewing medieval art and then had worked our way back south again, via the subway. We stopped off at Central Park, to walk around and just in time to catch the last few rays of light that this beautiful day had to offer. 

Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne’s Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne has knitted the above pictured Red maple leaf shawl. Isn’t it lovely? I love how she has even worked into the pattern the leaf’s veins. I also love its gradual transition from colors light to dark. She is such a crafty woman. She modeled her shawl yesterday, for our photo shoot and while she looked fantastic in it, you really couldn’t she all of the shawl on her as well has you can see it here, laid flat. Seeing this photograph today, she mused that maybe she should have worn it pinned as a cape, like superman would, or rather superwoman, or maybe nature girl. She plans on wearing the shawl to Becca and Rey’s beach wedding this summer. I hope that she does not have to wear it under some other outer wear like she wore at our wedding, many years ago. It is too beautiful hide. 

Lime Bike

Lime Bikes in Forest Park

I discovered half-a-dozen Lime Bike bicycles today, in Forest Park. There were sitting on the path between Pagoda Circle and the Visitors Center, under the blossoming Bradford pears. I had heard that this kiosk-less ride sharing service was coming to town, but it was still a surprise to see them just sitting there. A lock immobilizes the rear wheel, which with their app and a credit card can be unlocked. The first ride is free. There is also a lojack system that tracks the bikes. Almost a hundred of these bikes were distributed around town.

I hadn’t been expecting the bicycles, when I stopped to checkout the blooming trees. The above photo is just the latest example of this shot, which I have taken again and again. I thought that I had missed these flowers, while we were in California, because normally them bloom at the beginning of April. They are late this year, but then so is spring this year too,