COVID Hair No More

After months and months, Anne couldn’t stand it anymore and had her shaggy mane sheared. I had repeatedly offered to cut it for her, but she never had any interest in that. She was pleased before the haircut in its anticipation and doubly pleased afterwards with the results. No more COVID hair in her eyes anymore. 

Honeymoon Beach, St. John, V.I.

I don’t know if it was that Anne didn’t eat much yesterday or did my cooking just excite her appetite?  Earlier she had handed me this week’s food section from the paper and I got to work in the kitchen. The theme of the feature article was tropical dishes, as in a Slice of Summer Sunshine. They all seem to rely heavily on pineapple as an ingredient and I chose to prepare two for dinner tonight: Pineapple Shrimp Ceviche and Pineapple Gazpacho. They both first smack you with a citrus zest, but are then sweetly fruit flavored. The idea is if you can’t actually visit a tropical island now, at least you can eat as if you had.

Lock Him Up!

Holy Rollers vs Hellcats

Day-o, day-o
Daylight come and me wanna go home
Day, me say day, me say day, me say day
Me say day, me say day-o
Daylight come and me wanna go home
— The Banana Boat Song, Harry Belafonte

I am aware that I might be getting ahead of myself. It’s not in the bag yet. There is still three months to go. We still have to win and then there is the inevitable post-election squabble that is sure to make Bush v. Gore look like a walk in the park, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Now does it?

“We would become a banana republic”, Rudy Giuliani said yesterday on FOX News in answer to a question, what would be the consequences of a Biden administration’s prosecution of then former President Trump. Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, meanwhile has repeatedly called for criminal investigations of numerous Obama era officials, including Biden. Now that the shoe is almost on the other foot, it is interesting to see him change his tune. Especially since, he himself may also be culpable.

In NYC two tandem criminal investigations are already well underway. Federal prosecutors have recently won a Supreme court decision that decreed Trump has no special immunity from prosecution, just because he is now president. Come January, even that argument would have become moot. Meanwhile, New York state is investigating Trump for fraud he allegedly committed before becoming president. Between these two offices, is there really a need for more?

Nixon was pardoned for his crimes, in part to help heal the nation, but before he stepped down, Congress held a lengthy, public investigation of his crimes and misdeeds. No such forum for truth and reconciliation has occurred here. No, that sham trial in the Senate earlier this year does not count. If we are to heal as a nation, then some airing of this administration’s transgressions needs be made and those who have used their office to betray the public trust need to be held accountable. I can already hear the cries of witch hunt emanating from the halls of FOX News, but without accountability what’s to prevent the next cabal of miscreants from repeating this administration’s crimes?

Come January, when Biden and Harris take their oaths of office and after a new Democratic Senate has been seated, the urge to move on will be palpable. The pandemic will still be plaguing us, unemployment will still be at record levels and the need for social justice will still be present. With all of these vexing problems, do really need to rehash the past? Yes we do! People have died, people have been bankrupted and people have had their rights violated. To borrow a slogan from the Black Lives Matter movement, no justice, no peace. If we are to move on as a nation, justice must be served. I’m not being some bomb throwing radical, I just want the law upheld, because without the law, we are no better than a banana republic. Day-o, daylight come and me wanna go home…


Storm Front from Last Year, But You Get the Idea

The weather was just awful. The mercury read 95 °F, but with the humidity it felt like 110 °F. I got up at dawn to mow the lawn. It hadn’t been touched in almost a month and was nearing jungle state. As soon as I was done, Anne and I walked. Come dinnertime, the storm arrived. I kept wondering if the new gas stove would continue to run, if it lost power. This wasn’t a problem with the old stove, but the new one is so high-tech who knows what would happen…

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain,
And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet,
When the wind comes right behind the rain.

We only got about 50 MPH winds. The bowed squall line that hit Chicago head-on, extended from south of here in Saint Louis, all the way up to Milwaukee. We never lost power, but the block across the street did. There were lots of little branches down in the yard, but no big ones. Part of the reason that we lucked out was that we had asked the city to remove the Silver maple on the parking strip. It had lots of dead branches. They took it down while we were at the cabin.

I’m Just a Little Black Wall-Cloud, Pay No Attention to Me.

When we walked the next day, we saw a lot more debris. The storm sewers were roaring like I’ve never heard them before. The product of all that sewer work that we had to endure. Still, the damage wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be.

One casualty though has been the area’s weather radar. Since the storm it has been down repeatedly. This morning, we went for another walk and it being cloudy out I checked the radar. Everything looked A-OK. Anne noted as we continued to walk that it appeared to be getting darker. I checked again and everything was still clear. Then we heard the first peal of thunder. This time when I checked the radar, I noticed that the reading was two-hours out-of-date. The radar was down again. We beat feet home, as the sky turned darker and the thunder more ominous, but made it to the house before the heavens opened up on us. By the time we made it home, we were only a wee bit fresh and not soaked like drowned cats. Now we’re under another flood warning. I bet the storm sewers are working overtime again.