Brooklyn Bridge + Jane’s Carousel

Brooklyn Bridge

Starting early on the morning of Columbus Day I set off on foot from my motel in Brooklyn to Manhattan. It was a long walk to the East River, longer than I had anticipated anyway, but as I neared the water, I had a decision to make. Should I take the Brooklyn Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge? Earlier this year, I had walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge and it was at sunset. I knew that I couldn’t duplicate those fine photographic conditions, especially on this dreary Monday morning. So, I took the Manhattan Bridge. As you can see in the photograph above, the view was not all that it could be, what with the low hanging clouds obscuring the tops of the taller lower Manhattan skyscrapers, but I did get a useable shot. Included in that picture and the close-up below is Jane’s Carousel, a parfait in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Both bridges have pedestrian walkways. On the Brooklyn Bridge, you walk on the level above the vehicle traffic, but on the Manhattan Bridge, you walk below the vehicle lanes and more importantly on the same level as four New York Subway tracks. It was very noisy. With the morning rush there was an almost continuous din. The noise began to feel unnerving after a while. The pièce de résistance came when I had almost completed my passage. A bicycle with a siren that mimicked a police siren came up from behind me. Such was the bridge’s decibel level, I did not hear his siren until he was upon me. Anyway, I soon exited the bridge and descended into the relative quiet of lower Manhattan.

Jane’s Carousel

The Empire State

Empire State Building in Columbus Day Colors

By the time that I took this picture, I had walked a dozen miles. This photo was shot down by the East River in Williamsburg. The Empire State Building would appear and disappear with the evening’s shifting clouds. This shot is relatively clear, with only the lower half obscured, leaving the top half of this skyscraper looking like it was floating disembodied in the fog. It is seen wearing Italian colors in honor of the holiday. Their parade down 5th Avenue disrupted traffic and I had to detour around it, but I didn’t mind much. After a one block detour, the police closures actually helped me get to MoMA faster, because it closed the streets that I was crossing to car traffic. Elsewhere, Columbus Day is poo-pooed for the Native American genocide that he proceeded, but in New York, it is all about Italian pride. I hear that on off nights, the Empire State Building entertains suggestions for the building’s nightly colored light display. I think that it is sort of a contest. I’m trying to think what kind of color scheme that I would suggest?  

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

I’m back home now. It has been a nice vacation. I know that my postings have been a bit light on this trip, but that is primarily due to technical difficulties and not that I’ve been having too much fun. 😉

Yesterday, Chris and I left the city and wound our way back to Rochester. It was a beautiful day for a drive and I especially enjoyed seeing the early fall colors in the Poconos. Last night, Alice & Chris and Bob & Noreen and I all got together and chewed the fat for a while. It was good seeing them again. We all missed not having Anne there though.

Columbus Day was a rainy day (Hurricane Nate) and Chris wanted to spend time with his sister, so I set off on my own. I walked through Brooklyn, across the Manhattan Bridge and all the way to MoMA on 54th. The rain held off until 42nd Street, but I had an umbrella. I met Chris at the museum, which was slammed. So, we soon bailed and started working our way back to Brooklyn. We took a cab to Red Hook and waited for Dan to get off work. He showed up with Jenny, his friend from LA. We ended up doing BBQ in Williamsburg. After dinner, Jenny took us down to the river, where I got the photo.

Over the weekend, Dave came to town. I spent Saturday night with the boys. On Sunday, Chris and us did the natural history museum. On Sunday night, I joined Chris’s family for dinner. This telling is still kind of bare bones, but I think that this brings me up to date. I’ll try filling things in more, in the days to come.