Intergalactic Gelatinous Goo


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After two days of partying in Rochester, we slide east for the preamble of the main event, the rehearsal dinner, in Geneva, NY. As is tradition, I sprung for dinner, pizza from Uncle Joe’s. We arrived early and helped Dan erect his chuppah, which was magnificent. After two rehearsals the party commenced. We didn’t close the party, we were the last of the old people to leave.


Proud Mother, Craig George, 2019

After two day’s driving we made it to Rochester. Two nights ago we had a lovely stay with Joanie’s sister Maxine near Columbus, OH. Last night, We met for a party with Dave and Maren, Alice & Chris & and their son Brian, Bob & Noreen and Joanie. The occasion was the duo David and Brian birthdays. It was quite the affair.