Playing Koi

Playing Koi


  1. having a shy or sweetly innocent quality that is often intended to be attractive or to get attention.
    • a koi flirt [blub-blub Translation: “Feed me”]
    • a koi glance/smile [blub-blub “Feed me, Seymour”]
    • I did not like its koi manner [blub-blub “Feed me, Seymour. NOW!”]
  2. not telling or revealing all the information that could be revealed.
    • It gave a koi answer. [blub-blub “What is this all about?”]
  3. often + about
    • They are being koi about the deal. [blub-blub “Talking fish”]

play koi (US) to avoid giving a direct or complete answer.

  • Asked about its next book, it played koi. [blub-blub “Hungry talking fish”]
    koi-ly adverb
    It smiled koi-ly. [blub-blub “or Dada”]
    It koi-ly refused to say anything more about it. [blub-blub]
    koi-ness noun

Great Kiskadee Quilt

On Sunday, Anne left me home alone, so that she could go out and pal around with her girlfriends. She went to a quilt festival. As part of the festivities, a raffle was held there, where she won the above wall quilt portraying a Great Kiskadee. I have also included a photo of the same bird that we saw earlier this year, while visiting Costa Rica. Checking the quilt’s tag, it turns out that the quilt is also from Costa Rica. What a lucky girl!