Cabin Quilt Complete

Happy Father’s Day! The shoemaker’s son finally has a new pair of shoes or rather we finally have one of Anne’s quilts on our bed. She has made many quilts over the years and this is certainly her best. So, I guess that it was worth the wait. Anne began this quilt years ago. For many years it lived at the cabin and she would only work on it in the summer, when she was up there. She called it her quilt in a box. That part of the quilt are the six colorful squares in the center of the quilt. Eventually, she brought the box back to Saint Louis. This year she began putting it all together. In-between bouts of being hunched over a hot sewing machine for hours, she would would go to YouTube U to learn new quilting techniques, to perform free motion quilting. I’ve included a couple of closeups, so you see the artistry that she put into her work. One shows the cabin and the other shows the lake view from the cabin. The following is the dedication that she wrote for this quilt:

IMPROV — The Cabin Quilt
— ~ —
Quilt in a box, Quilt outside the box!
Finished (Finally), For Father’s Day 2021

For Mark,

Thanks for all of your love, support and occasional prodding!

Love you Babes!

— AAR —

Now that she has finished this masterpiece, she has already begun working an even grander project, a quilt that will become a wedding gift for Maren and David. Our bed is only a double, but theirs is a king. So, by size alone it will be a bigger project, but she has made so many strides with the Cabin Quilt that the MaD quilt will benefit from her new experience. She calls it the MaD quilt now, but as its October deadline looms, it could soon become the DaM quilt.

I See You, Do You See Me?

I See It So Much More Clearly Now

She said, “Are you even listening to me?”
He thought, “That’s an odd way to begin a conversation.”

I went to the eye doctor this week. It had been about two years. There are three demons that confront my eyesight, glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Sort of the trifecta of blindness. Daily eyedrops have continued to control my glaucoma. My Dad’s side of the family have suffered from macular degeneration, but the doctor found my retinas are all pretty, pink and healthy. No danger there now, but there is still that third devil, cataracts. I have both kinds in both eyes and they have gotten worse as of late. Fortunately, there is a remedy for this malady. Unfortunately, it involves surgery. Consequently, I have scheduled my surgical consult for late October, following Maren and Dave’s wedding. Over a month or more, first one eye is operated on, then the other, a few weeks later. My big question is what kind of bionic vision do I want? I’ve always been pretty near-sighted, but I could change that. Normally, a middle road is chosen. Complicating matters are new high-tech artificial lens that allow for more natural near-to-far focusing and possibly removing the need for glasses altogether. Their downsides include added cost and the possible need for adjustments, which is a euphemism for follow-up procedures.