Wheels A Turning

Red-tailed Hawk

I saw an internet meme. It involved the movie, The Princess Bride. It quotes the six-fingered man, as he is torturing Wesley in the Pit of Despair. Well sort of, because after initially testing the machine on him, the six-fingered man is seen to say, “I am the Corona Virus and I have just drained one year of your life.” At the rendezvous with this second March of the pandemic, this seems so true.

Yesterday’s news of our scheduled vaccination have started the wheels in our heads a spinning, with plans within plans. Who to see? What to do? Where to go? It is high time to pick up the pieces of our former lives, get it together and begin to move on. Stay tuned for more news as we resurrect our so called lives.

Our first planed road trip is the first one that we had to cancel, last March. Going to Monterey, to meet with my father. Instead of launching out as soon as we have been immunized, we will wait until our western siblings are also too.

We walked in Forest Park, along its eastern edge. Anne spotted the pictured Red-tailed hawk at Bowl Lake, which is in the extreme Southeast corner of the park. Sort of in the armpit of Kingshighway and I-64. It was extremely patient with us paparazzi, until it finally decided that we were not going to go away.

Signs of Spring


We walked in Tower Grove Park and saw crocus flowers for the first time this year. We didn’t need to go so far to see them though, because as I was backing out of the driveway, I spied our neighbor’s crocus crop. It was even better than the ones we saw in the park. Spring is just around the corner.

Cypress Traffic Island

On our walk through the park, I took time out to fly the drone for the first time this year. My reluctance to fly so far this year has been in part my cautious response to last year’s near fatal disaster, but it has also been rather cold outside. Too cold to operate the drone, which requires glove free hands, for my phone’s touchscreen. This flight’s planned shot was a cypress grove in the park. Located in a traffic circle, this near uniform group of trees has always supplied an eerie, completive and still respite from the other goings-on in the park. In the summer their shade is both welcome and cooling, but now on the cusp of spring I had expected that their limbs would be bare and offer an unusual lookdown image. 

Cypress Catkin

Instead of the expected bare branches, casting crisp shadows, I was surprised to find that the cypress trees had a fuzzy outline. Examining the ground beneath these trees, we discovered the reason why, catkins, male catkins. A few of them had fallen. These catkins spread pollen, which fertilize the female cypress flowers that don’t even look like flowers, but more closely resemble cones.

In other way more important news, we now both have appointments for Thursday afternoon, the day after tomorrow, to get vaccinated. It will be the J&J vaccine, which is a one-and-done dose vaccine and we will have to travel halfway across the state to get it in Columbia. Earlier this week, Anne was speaking to Joanie, who had heard that some of her friends had been able to get vaccinated in Columbia. We signed up right afterwards. Anne got an email, her phone dinged, we both signed up and now we have appointments. We’ll join the swelling exodus of people from Saint Louis, who have to travel outstate to get a shot. Our Republican governor has been overwhelmingly focusing vaccination in rural areas, even sending 2,000 doses to a small town of 64. Road trip time.

Feeling Frothy

Bactrian Camel

Well, I’ve held my fire for a good long while now, but I think that it is about time for a good old fashion frothing at the mouth blog rant. I guess what has brought on this need, was last week’s Q-fest, CPAC. It came complete with a golden idol of Big Boy Donny, in flip-flops yet. He really has gone full Florida-man. Not that I listened to any of his fascist fountains of fabrication, but simply knowing that he was saying so was enough to make me foam at my mouth. I did read a report that he claimed to the gathered crowd of his idolaters, “We’ve been winning.” Said the man who lost the House, Senate and the Presidency. It doesn’t really matter what he says any more now. He’s not the President anymore. He is just an old man, full of bile and bigotry.

Enough of politics, on to vaccinations, another one of my favorite topics for rants. Here in Missouri, a couple of my bike buddies have received the vaccine, they are both cancer survivors. I’m happy for them and wish them well. I really want my own vaccine, but not that much. Joanie heard that some of the people that she knows has gotten shots out of Columbia. So, Anne signed us up there too. I  have a feeling that this vaccine hunt will turn out like some of my past job hunts, no offers for months and then one day three at one time.