Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Madonna Restroom Sign

How do you encapsulate a movement? Rock and roll and all of its ancestral and spawned variations have ruled modern music for more than a hundred years. It plays on the radio 24/7 from AM to XM. At its hall of fame here in Cleveland it reigns supreme. I took hundreds of photos today. How can I choose one, two or even more photos to represent the immense diversity of music and people that we saw and heard today? It was an amazing experience. We spent almost all day at the museum. There was plenty of time spent listening to favorite recordings together and singing and dancing along with them. While I have hundreds of photos to roll out over time, I chose this one to lead the list. I love the dichotomy of this picture; both its content and it use at the museum. It captures the rebellious inherent within rock and roll music.


Betalo Rubino, Dramatic Dancer, Robert Henri, 1916

Don’t spit on the floor
Use the cuspidor
That’s what it’s a-fore

We went to see Opera Theater’s production of Carmen, which is performed in English, with captioning. Using both the English translation and subtitles made understanding this show’s performance so much easier. This productions was set in Franco’s Spain, rather than Bizet’s 19th-century original setting. I don’t think that this change of period either added or subtracted much from the opera’s story, but it definitely made the dresser’s job easier.

Carmen is easily Anne’s favorite opera and I enjoy it too. Kathy loved the show and Frank found it better than he expected. High praise from him. As always, Bizet’s music is to die for and I think that Carmen’s story has taken on new significance with the advent of the #MeToo movement. Carmen uses her sexuality as a tool, to get what she wants, but I think that she actually cares for Don José, at least for awhile. She is neither predator nor victim, but rather living her life as she sees fit. She does not deserve her fate, but neither does she shy away from it either. In a sense then, she is a modern woman, both strong and self-reliant and determined to make her own way in this world. 

Taste of Maplewood

MRH HS Stage Band
Burn It to the Ground

Last night, in-between the storms, we attended the Taste of Maplewood, which has reopened after a two-year pandemic hiatus. Overall, this year’s fair was not as grand as in the past, but it may take a few years for it to come back all the way. There weren’t that many food booths. Those restaurants that did represent were more into selling booze rather than food. County health inspectors might have detoured them too. We did manage to snag a trio of Chateau Maplewood’s Gougéres Sliders that were quite scrumptious. I had a Schlafly Strawberry Hefeweizen to drink and Anne had a pink lemonade. Neither of us were much interested in any cocktail mixes that would burn our intestines to the ground. We listed to the half-hour set by the MRH HS Stage Band. This is the successor to the jazz band that David used to play in, when he was in high school. The above video captures their finale (The Middle by Jimmy Eat World). These days, we seem to be living in a world that is intent to burn itself to the ground. The optimism and strength of the young people overs hope that this will not occur.