Happy Anniversary to Us!

Spotted Towhee

An epidemiologist, an ICU doctor and a scientist walk into a bar…
Just kidding, they all know better.

The three wise women ran a constructive Zoom meeting last night. I got some marching orders on the rodent problem at the cabin. Dan got plenty of advice on where he should park his sailboat for the winter. Corwin stole the show and then let it go, when he drifted off to sleep. We used up two full free forty minute Zoom sessions, with the final episode cutting out in the middle of Jane’s story. She had to text everyone afterwards with its conclusion. It was good times.

Has it really been forty years that I’ve been married to my beautiful bride? It doesn’t seem that long and that’s not even counting the eight years that it took to get to the altar. Not that there was an altar then. Although there is a porcelain one now. That’s most of my life that I have known this women. With all this preamble, I couldn’t think of another person that I would want to be quarantined with. How’s that for some 2020 romance? We were so much younger then. We are older than that now, but we’ve grown old together and that’s as it should be.

To celebrate our anniversary, we’ll first take turns sitting in our new Aeron chair. Our anniversary gift to ourselves. Who knew that the fortieth anniversary would turn out be furniture? We’ll order takeout for dinner. The particular vendor is still to be determined. For our just desserts, I’m going to make key lime pie bars with a vanilla wafer crust. Afterwards, we’ll watch a romantic movie together… 

Putting On A Display

Red-winged Blackbird Making a Territorial Display

Dan and Britt arrived at the cabin, late last night. In an epic day of driving, they drove strait through to the UP. Today, Maren and Dave leave upstate New York for the cabin. They don’t plan on driving straight through. They’ll make a brief stop in Ann Arbor to visit Harry, before continuing on to Bay City for the night. While visiting Maren’s parents, these newly engaged lovebirds have also been scouting wedding locations. They now have a venue and a date, but I am not permitted to disclose either of them. I’ve probably said too much already.

Here in the Lou, our all too brief respite from the heat has drawn to a close and each new day is warmer than the last. With weather like this we strive to get out and do our daily walk earlier and earlier. Tower Grove is our go to destination. With its many paths and many more trees, a mostly shady stroll can be counted on. Today, we were talking politics, until in disgust Anne changed the subject, “Let’s talk about all of this green stuff around us instead of politics.” And we agree on our politics. I can’t imagine being together if we didn’t. Before leaving the subject altogether though, she lamented about this year’s census and how the Coronavirus could be affecting its count. Then in a segue that still has my head spinning, she asked, “Do you think that there are more squirrels or robins in the park?” I would have guessed robins, but we did see more squirrels.

When we walk, either in a park or the neighborhood, most of the people that we see are not wearing masks. Anne religiously wears hers, while I only pull mine up when someone approaches. I read in the news today that 83% of Americans say that they wear masks. I’m guessing that they mean like when they are in a store, where wearing one is required for service.

Part of the problem is that initially health experts were saying that wearing a mask wouldn’t protect you from the virus. I learned this week why they were saying that and have since changed their story. Dr. Fauci testified before Congress this week that they were saying that masks didn’t prevent the spread of disease, because at the time there was a severe scarcity of such masks and the government didn’t want people hoarding them and further exacerbating the critical shortage of masks for health professionals. Remember toilet paper?

They are uncomfortable to wear, especially in the summer heat and humidity. That is why I pull mine down when no one is around. I do tend to wear it up longer if the people who are approaching are also wearing masks, peer pressure. It would be nice that enough people wore their masks that one would feel naked without one, because other people were starring at you. It would become similar to the phenomenon of why women wear bras in public. 😉

Sinner Louis

Juvenille Red-tailed Hawk

We got out early today to beat the heat and walk in Tower Grove Park. Much to our surprise, the city had reopened the park’s roads to automobile traffic, since yesterday. It being the first day, there still wasn’t all that much traffic, but it is a sad development. During our circuit we saw two Red-tailed hawk fledglings. A knowledgeable walker knew that their nest was nearby. They hung around longer than we cared to, seemingly oblivious to us and the other people there.

Earlier this week, we witnessed the Christopher Columbus statue removal from Tower Grove Park. On the news last night was talk about removing the statue of St. Louis (Louis IX) that is in front of the art museum. Apparently, Louis was no saint, he wasn’t even that nice a man. Groan all you want, but I look at this as an opportunity. Saint Louis always gets a bad rap for its crime or race problems, I say why don’t we own it. Instead of Saint Louis, let’s rename the town Sinner Louis—Bad to the Bone. Let’s own our bad boy status. Too much? How about Arch City—Just Stick an Arch on it? There is also our old reliable nickname, Mound City, for all the Native American burial mounds that used to be here. Anyway, this is a rebranding chance that doesn’t come around every day. I don’t think that we should just willy-nilly dismiss it out of hand.