East African Crowned Cranes

East African Crowned Cranes

Lifetime lovers, Crowned cranes usually mate for life. Both male and female cranes help build the nest and defend their eggs and chicks. Blessed birds, in many areas, the Crowned crane is considered sacred. Its cultural significance has provided it with a high level of protection.

Today, was a play day. First, I went to the zoo, getting there just as it opened. It was unusually uncrowded. I finished my photo-safari at noon, headed home and had lunch. Then I hopped onto my bike and headed back to Forest Park. I took pictures of the fall foliage, in-between getting my miles. It was a beautiful day.  

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Feeding on a Mexican Sunflower

We visited the gardens on Friday. It’s high summer here and there are plenty of flowers out and also their pollinators. The weather today was so pleasant that this morning I was fooled. I was looking at my weather app and didn’t realize that it was set on the Soo. It did warm up eventually, but by then both Anne and I were well on our way into a photo safari. It’s been two-months for me and I think three for Anne since we last visited the gardens. In some ways they never change and in others they are always different. The white blur is a greenhouse tent and the red another Mexican sunflower.

Forest Park

Yesterday, we bicycled in Forest Park. We enjoyed getting some exercise and seeing lots of wildlife. A cool Canadian high pressure system had replaced the old hot muggy and air, with much cooler and dryer air. This made our mid-day ride a joy. As you can see from all of the photos, we saw plenty of wildlife and enjoyed communing with nature in this large urban park. We had a great time!