The Tate

What I liked best about the Tate Modern, was its top floor, which afforded an excellent view of London. It has a 360º field-of-view. I was fascinated by the adjoining apartment buildings, with their open floor plan and modern look. A place to be seen as well as see. There were signs at the Tate, asking visitors not to annoy the neighbors, but on this day they were nowhere to be seen.

My Dad who lives in Monterey claims that he ended California’s drought, when he installed solar panels on his house. Soon after they became operational, the clouds moved in and the rain began. I warned him not to install a geo-thermal system, because, well it’s California. Dad, don’t tempt the fates. In other Monterey news, one of Chris’s Bixby Bridge pics was green screen paired with Nicole Kidman in a promo still for the HBO series, Big Little Lies. 🙂

Saint Peter’s Church Leuven, Belgium

Meanwhile, David has completed his visit with his colleagues in Leuven and is now spending a few days there sightseeing. He has visited both Brussels and Bruges. I think that he is ready to make a decision, Boston or Belgium. The church is in the background on the right. That is a hotel on the left and in the foreground is an underground, bicycle parking garage, with a glass front. Why do I persist in bicycling in America?

Cool Cars

Forest Park Easter Car Show

I got out on Easter Sunday and made it over to the car shows in Forest Park. In the past, I have treated these two distinct car shows as one, but in reality they are separate. On the upper Muny lot all the beautifully restored antique cars are displayed and judged. On the lower Muny lot you have the equally beautiful customized cars. What separates these two shows are the dueling disciplines of restoration versus customization, because never the tween shall meet. Pictured above is a rather colorful selection from the lower Muny custom lot.

In other news, Dave landed in Belgium, the second leg of his post-doc world survey tour. He took a day off to acclimate, before he meets with his colleagues and visited lots of churches. It being the day after Easter, they might have been the only thing open? Many Europeans take the Monday after Easter off.


Charles River Esplanade

Dave flew out of O’Hare today, without any altercations, but of course he didn’t fly United. The Twitter-verse has been having too much fun with that meme. He sent this photo, which I placed as being taken near the foot of Beacon Hill, with the Back Bay in the distance. I had to lookup what an esplanade is, it is a long, open, level area, typically beside the sea, along which people pleasure walk. He will be in Boston for the rest of the week, meeting with his Harvard colleagues. I still can’t get over the fact that he could choose to work there as a Post-Doc. The boy has done well. Next week, he’ll continue heading east to Brussels and meet his alternative colleagues. In total, he will be two-weeks on the road.

I setup his phone for Europe and chose a simpler plan than what we used in London. We had opted for a fixed price plan that didn’t offer all that much data. I knew that we were in trouble, when I received a text from AT&T saying that I had used 90% of my data and it was only day two. We ended up incurring overages. Dave’s plan is $10 a day for unlimited text, calls and data. This plan will be good not only in Belgium, but also in neighboring France and Germany and also Ireland and Poland, both of which he will be connecting through. It will work in about a hundred countries, but interestingly, it does not cover Holland or Luxemburg. It also doesn’t cover the United Kingdom, but it does cover Wales, which I always thought was part of the UK.

Until You Drop

Anne Window Shopping at Pylones in Covent Garden Market

Whether you are shopping, popping or just bopping, sometimes it is time to say when. Today’s post features this busy, but also rather colorful photograph. This Pylones window front feature many pretty products for sale, but if you look more closely at it, you can see Anne in the center. She is mugging for the camera with a red lobster claw shaped hot pad. Next door to Pylones is the Moomins store. According to Wiki, the Moomins are characters in books and comics by Swedish-speaking Finnish author Tove Jansson and were published in Swedish in Finland. Who knew? 

Yesterday, Anne worked a double-shift as an election official, where she is the Democratic precinct supervisor. These off-year local elections are usually a low-key affair. For example, where I voted the only thing on the ballot was a sales tax proposition to help fund the police. When I voted, a women was the only other voter at the poll. Leaving us outnumbered by 4-to-1 by election officials.

Afterwards, I got to sing Anne’s praise to this other voter, who then wanted to convey her thanks for Anne’s service. I started bragging about my Mom, who used to work as an election official in Texas. In Texas they had early voting that ran for about a month. Jackie and a naturalized German-American woman were the only Democratic election officials in their precinct. They both ended up working almost every day, because there was no one else. I still remember hearing my Mom complain about the unpadded chairs they had to sit in.

Yesterday, one of the other election officials had to run out to his car to get a pillow, even though their chairs were padded. Anne’s was in Maplewood, where they had a few more things on the ballot, but it was still pretty quiet. Of note, she had two bicyclists who came into vote while in full kit, but without their bicycles. Two dogs with their people voted and two blind people voted. This elderly couple had to have the ballot read to them and then two bipartisan election officials cast their votes for them. After they both had voted, white canes in hand, they exited the poll and headed for home. It is too bad that are elected officials in Washington cannot cooperate as well as Anne’s crew was able to. Today, she is enjoying a much deserved day off.

Well Done Mum, I’ve Turned Out Awesome!

Anne at Parliament

Last Sunday Mothering Day was observed in the UK. In the run-up to this holiday, vendors were hawking all sorts of wares to buy for mum. Many with snappy catchphrases, like this post’s title. Another good line was, “Okay mum, you were right about basically everything.” I especially prefer using the first line, because on so many levels, it is so true! 😉

Speaking of mothering, Dan blew into town last night. He has been working hard and needed to get out of the city for a few days. He now has two jobs, there is the one that he landed earlier this month, while we were in NYC. That one is in TV, but I am not permitted to disclose much more than that, except that he worked a shoot last week near Rochester, NY. The newer job is more art related. His first gig was to build sets for an art show. He also now has a new roommate.

Meanwhile, Dave has booked his flights for both Boston and Belgium. His itinerary for next month looks like it will be one long road trip. In addition to meeting with his prospective employers, it seems that he has also included enough time on this trip for a little bit of fun. I’ll have to ask him though, what led him to book his return flights through Warsaw. It is not exactly on the way.