Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Dancers

The main Saint Patrick’s Day parade occurred yesterday, downtown, but the official parade, which always happens on the 17th is in Dog Town today. Dog Town is an Irish neighborhood that got its name during the 1904 worlds fair, because that is where all of the animals were housed and at night the barking of the dogs could be heard. Yesterday, Dan was entertained by Irish revelers, while riding the subway in NYC. Today, Dave plans on drinking some green beer. In Boston, a Japanese restaurant has been advertising green Sapporo beer, because after he discovered Newfoundland, St. Brennan took the northwest passage and discovered Japan too. On St. Paddy’s Day, everyone is Irish.

Anne’s Scans

Prime Numbers

Here she is the love of my life! This photo is from the time before I met her, but not that much earlier. She is in high school, where we met and she is happy! She is holding a certificate of honorable mention in a science fair and is standing by her science fair project, which you guessed it, was on prime numbers. She has always had a thing for prime numbers. After the obligatory groan at seeing her picture, her most biting comment was that compared to today’s science fair projects, hers looks pretty lame. That’s progress! Science marches on…


This blast from the past, this treasure was unearthed, while she was scanning her parent’s home slides. There are boxes and boxes of them, but she hopes to have most, if not all of them digitized before we visit with her folks next. Harry was going to show Bubs their slides, which he did not have, because we did. He tried testing the projector anyway, just to see if it still worked, but with a blinding flash the bulb died. He tried looking on eBay for a replacement, but to no avail. Modern technology and Anne came to the rescue though. She has been slaving over a hot scanner for what now seems like weeks. 


Wintery Mix

Dave in Park City, UT

It snowed here a little, but it never really got going. I guess that it was just chillin. I perused social media this week and was surprised by the accounts of Dave’s extensive travels this month. He’d been to the Great Smokies in Tennessee, Portland, OR and as pictured, Park City, UT. I lifted this photo (with permission) off of his Instagram feed. He had tag lined it, “Baby’s first ski trip. Didn’t die!” Portland started off as a 45 minute layover, but bad weather in Boston turned it into a long day and a half delay. It gave him a chance to see some of the town though, including the Oregon Zoo. And he’s not done yet. He has a business trip to Baltimore upcoming soon.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

We haven’t gone very far afield this January, no trip to Florida this year. We did get out though, at least for the day, just not very far. We drove over to the De Mun neighborhood, which was a bit of an adventure in of itself. Our plan was to walk through the zoo and maybe catch the penguin march, if they were out. We walked through the Kennedy Forest corner of the park and while walking, we encountered a man who said that he had seen five deer, four does and a six-point buck. We had just passed through that section of the forest and decided to double back and look for them. We never did find those deer. Oh, dear!

We did get a nice photo of this woodpecker, who was making quite the racket. We ended up exploring the forest’s trail system, parts of which are brand new, with lots of switchbacks. The parks department’s campaign to eradicate invasive honeysuckle has mission crept. An idled digger, with a huge claw, stacks of cut logs and green tagged fallen and rotting trees speak of a campaign to tidy up the forest. While this goal is not exactly au naturale, it should be remembered that this is a city park. The effects of this campaign are already self-evident, opening up lines-of-sight and should have made deer finding a piece of cake, but there is still plenty of work left to be done.

We never did make it to the zoo. We eventually hit bingo, turned around and headed back to the car. On the way home, we stopped off at the Greek place, the Olympia, for a late lunch, early dinner combo. It was a delightful afternoon.

Team Axe-ceptable Losses

One last day to look backward, because after today it is all about the new year, the future and beyond. In this yuletide season, it is customary to exchange cards and along with them the dreaded Christmas letter. Since with this blog, I am spewing forth 365 days a year, I have not felt compelled to write one of these annual reports, until now. Consider this post a belated Christmas letter.

For Team Axe-ceptable Losses, 2018 has been a pretty good year. First off, we didn’t lose anyone. I find zero to be an acceptable loss. This year’s moniker for our family comes from the boy’s 40K team name. They are pictured celebrating their tournament win earlier this month. Not only has this year been kind to our nuclear family, but the extended family has also prospered, or at least survived.

Dan has spent the year living in Brooklyn. He made a movie in Maine, Blow the Man Down, which is rumored for a Sundance debut. His main gig was making Christmas for Macy’s of Herald Square fame. He rounded out the year with the fabricating of boutique furniture. His long-awaited Glowforge 3D laser printer arrived, which he has most recently used for making Christmas presents.

Doctor Dave has spent the year living in Cambridge, MA. He is a Harvard post-doctoral research fellow at Massachusetts Eye & Ear. His fellowship was just extended, covering him until his next grant can be issued. Don’t ask me what he is studying, because I have long since given up on understanding his research, except that is has to do with hearing.

Anne and I have spent two-thirds of the year living in Saint Louis. The rest of the time, we have been on the road, vacationing. See yesterday’s post for more. Anne worked as a substitute teacher, including one long-term gig. She also busied herself with amazing works in fiber, including both knitting and quilting projects. As the retired guy, in-between travels, I busy myself as the Haus Herr, puttering around the house, painting (not in any artistic form), bicycling and writing this blog, let’s not forget about that.

The Bro Code

Central Park Street Lamp

We picked Dan up at the airport last night and we’ll retrieve Dave from there tonight. Earlier this month the boys teamed up to win a Warhammer 40K tournament in Williamsburg. They had sent a photo of themselves, celebrating their victory and I wrote about it then. I’ve since learned how they pulled off this win. This tournament had a theme, which was the Bro Code. This machismo set of rules was first developed for Neil Patrick Harris, on the TV show, How I Met Your Mother. For this tourney, teams of two competed in a set of three games. The boys only won two of their three, which is normally not enough to win everything, but each game also had a selection of “Bro Code” objectives and they did quite well in meeting those. The kicker came after all the games were played. Each team took a trivia quiz and were judged on how closely their answers matched each other. The guys scored quite well on this test. When it was revealed that two brothers had won, organizers of the tournament took it as evidence that their tourney truly reflected the values of the Bro Code.

In other meaningless nonsense, I am proud to declare that for the first time ever, I have successfully mastered the Little Drummer Boy challenge. For all you hipsters out there, this challenge is a contest of honor, where from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve one attempts to go through life without hearing any part of this song. I have played and lost every year, since first hearing of this game, but like the boys, I am now victorious! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!