Queen of Everything!

Anne in the Arena

Last weekend was her birthday, today is Mother’s Day and in-between she had National Teacher’s Day. When I called her out on all of this, her response was, “That’s me, the Queen of Everything!” She is seen here modeling her new birthday dress, a gift from her parents and is standing among giant megaphones that are set in a circle facing each other. This artwork is called Arena. It seemed political to me, but that’s just me. We were at Laumeier Sculpture Park for their annual art fair. We didn’t buy anything, but it was nice to look at the art. 

Harvard Bound

Snow Leopard

It is official, Dave will be going to Boston! But first he has to finish his thesis, defend it and do what ever else it takes to graduate from Purdue. Any unpaid parking tickets? Officially, Dave will be joining Eaton-Peabody Laboratories (EPL), the portion of Harvard Medical School that is dedicated to research into hearing and deafness. There he will be joining about two dozen investigators.

After visiting both Boston and Belgium, his two opportunities, Dave spent about two-weeks deliberating before coming to his decision. In the end, Harvard offered more opportunities to make connections and it is closer to home. We always knew that the boy was wicked smart, but what you might not know is that he is now also a legacy of sorts. His grandmother Jackie once took classes at Harvard. She always wanted me to be a doctor, God rest her soul. In a way, with Dave going there, this is now a wish fulfilled. Congratulations, Dr. Dave!

EPL is part of Massachusetts Eye and Ear and while the pictured Snow Leopard has no hearing problems that I am aware of, its right eye was visibly blind. I was so pleased with this photograph, except for the eye injury that I decided to ‘fix’ it in Photoshop. You can still see evidence of this work in the picture. Anyway, it is a loose connection at best, but it is my prayer that someday Dave’s work will lead to analogous magical healing, only this time in the real world.