The Regenerist Sisters Zoom

False Bird of Paradise

Anne and her two sisters held a zoom conference call that I crashed. The general theme of the meeting was I Know What You Did Last Summer, but what are we all doing this summer? The girls kvetched through two free half-hour Zoom sessions and I occasionally interjected. Jay led the call, from her office, it being only slightly after regular west coast business hours. She was appropriately attired in biz casual. The rest of us were also wearing clothes, I somehow feel that I should mention that. There were lots of dates thrown about, which I pretty much spaced out about. Hey, it’s their cabin. I earned a few assignments though. I guess that I’ll be paying rent soon. Some things were settled, but much was left up in the air. Still though, technically it is not even summer yet. I am really looking forward to Jane’s gift of some Zingerman’s olive oil. Thank you, Jane!

Frank + Kathy

The Quilt that Kathy Made for Maren and David

Yesterday, Frank and Kathy arrived via Amtrak. They had taken the train cross-country from Sacramento to Chicago. That train had been delayed because of a boulder in the middle of the tracks, while passing through the mountains. They then spent a couple of nights in the Windy City, before coming to town. We picked them up downtown, gave them an impromptu tour by way of looking for Schlafly’s Tap Room, where we scored a wee bit to eat. Afterwards, we brought them home and then sat out on the back porch. Where it was cool enough, but still a bit too humid, after all of the rain that morning. Today’s weather is much nicer. I fixed dinner, Dave’s chicken shish-kabobs recipe and a cantaloupe and avocado salad.

Bye, Bye, Boston

Middlesex Fells Hikers

Yesterday, we bade farewell to Maren and David and Puck. After a heart heathy hike at the Middlesex Fells, they took us to Logan. A fell (from Old Norse) is a high and barren landscape feature, such as in this case a moor-covered hill. We didn’t have a direct flight home, so we laid over in Charlotte. Interestingly, we reboarded the same airplane that had flown us south for our leg home. It wasn’t supposed to be like that but an earlier flight to Saint Louis had been delayed and then scheduled to depart after ours had left. We ended up in the exact same seats that we had had before. It wasn’t that late when we landed in the Lou, but I was tired. Too tired to deal with Uber, so we hailed a cab instead. We are home now, and everything is fine here. Thank you, Joanie! We have today and about half of tomorrow to put our finishing touches on the house in preparation for our house guests, Frank and Kathy, who arrive tomorrow afternoon by train. The hits folks, they just keep on coming. Do I look cross-eyed?

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Yesterday, was kind of a workday. We installed four floating shelves. After mission accomplished we went out for lunch at a Thai place called Crying Thaiger. Our next stop was Idle Hands Brewery, where Dave and I got matchy-matchy t-shirts, plus a few beers. Back home again and then prep for dinner. Maren made a blueberry galette, while Dave BBQed chicken and tofu shish-kabobs. Maren’s sister-in-law Bella joined us for dinner, with her two dogs, Teddy and Barry. Puck went a little crazy entertaining at the party. After dinner, we played a board game called Hues and Ques. A tough game to play for the colorblind. Today, we went out for breakfast at the Duo Wop Diner, a favorite local greasy spoon. Our next stop was Loews, where we stocked up on two shopping carts worth of gardening supplies. Dave was definitely in his element there. We came home again and planted the four tomato plants that Kim had gifted and Bella had dropped off. The dinosaurs are there in honor of the Apple TV+ series that we watched. Even Puck seemed facinated by it and she never watches TV.


Boston Aquarium

For me, everyday is Saturday, but Friday was still a workday for both Maren and Dave. In the morning Dave worked to get a rush update released and in the evening Maren had a graduation related function to host. Covid has scared this long planned family holiday weekend. First, Maren’s parents had to demure from coming to Boston, because of a positive Covid test. Then between Dan and Britt, they also scored a single positive test, just before they were expected to arrive here. So, they won’t be coming either. We will have to soldier on without them. A large part of the day was spent walking Puck. She gets three walks a day. Accompanying her on all these walks, it is not hard getting your steps. In the afternoon we took the T downtown to the aquarium. Boston has a lovely aquarium. We all got to see all of the it, before Maren had to sky for her MIT event. The rest of us walked around Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a while, before heading to the T, then back home again and another Puck themed walkathon. On the way back up the hill, stick in mouth, she did a little dance of joy for us. The drugs that I have been taking, have worked wonders with my dog allergies on this trip. In the evening, we met up with Maren at Legal Seafood, for a scrumptious dinner. We even got to share a bottle of Bruce’s favorite riesling there and I thought later that we should have toasted those who could not make it there.


This morning we took an Uber to the airport and hopped on a direct flight to Boston. The fight was full, but on the other side of Anne sat a younger Asian Indian woman who has recently moved to Saint Louis from Boston. Anne was knitting and this other woman found this fascinating. They talked for the entire two-hour flight. Dave picked us up at Logan. We had to check our bags and even though we first went to the wrong baggage claim, we still beat our wheelie boxes to the carousal. Boston’s traffic was pretty bad, but fortunately Dave and Maren live pretty close to the airport.