Art in Bloom

While Anne was at school, I walked to the art museum and attended their Art in Bloom show. In this show, florists arrange their bouquets to mimic artworks in the museum’s permanent collection. Pictured is Bob Hauck’s arrangement that is based on the sculpture Titan. Using black calla lilies, he won best in show. The following is the museum’s synopsis of the underlying Lüpertz sculpture: 

A monumental bronze figure stands with feet firmly planted, one arm raised while the other extends straight ahead. Markus Lüpertz modeled the pose of Titan after an ancient Greek sculpture of the god Zeus who is preparing to throw a lightning bolt. According to Greek mythology, Zeus led the Olympians to victory over the Titans, older deities, in a ten-year battle for control of the world. In contrast to the balanced proportions and smooth surface of the original sculpture, this work has roughly formed features and a craggy texture that expresses the brute strength of the Titans. Lüpertz painted a leg and arm green, creating the appearance of an ancient patina that reinforces his references to classical art and mythology.

This opening was crowded, what with the presence of the florists. Anne called while I was viewing all this. I had forgotten that she was only working a half day. She ended up getting a walk in too, on her way home from school.  

Sailing Home

Setting Sail

We’ve sailed home, across a river of asphalt, while navigating eighteen-wheeled shoals. It seems colder here than I remembered. An ice storm struck last night, closing school today, but we were already safely tucked into our own bed again. I’ll eventually, have to go out and fetch the paper, but that can wait a bit longer.

Our last night on the road was spent in Nashville. We had dinner with Rey and Becca there. They both seemed to be doing well, working hard, building a life together. After dinner we adjourned to their apartment and played a new board game, the Castle Of Mad King Ludwig. In this game, each player attempts to duplicate the original Mad King’s success and build their own Neuschwanstein. While technically a board game, it plays more like a card game, where luck is a big factor. I came in last, but Anne got second place.

If they come and visit Saint Louis, I know just where to take them. Shannon, our Gyrotonics instructor, told us about a place called Pieces, a board gaming parlor in Soulard. If it were not for Mardi Gras, I’d check it out this weekend.

We had a grand time this trip. It was nice to dress in t-shirt, shorts and sandals. In Atlanta, spring was well underway. The magnolias were in full bloom. Even Tennessee showed early signs of spring life. So, can spring be that far away for us here? The five-day forecast is not too encouraging. There is even a low one day, with a minus sign in front of it. It will eventually come. Just be patient, which is easy for me to say, having just returned from Florida.

Forest Parkour

New Signage

The weather yesterday was fantastic, which is good, since today’s forecast goes back to regular winter humbug. Anne and I got out on our bikes again and rode around the park. The bike path was a little drier than Wednesday and it was definitely warmer, what with a high in the sixties. Anne got to wear her new ¾ length tights. A strong south wind was the cause of this warmth and it was also the cause of more exertion on our part, giving us strong headwinds to battle.

This fancy new signage is at the Wells Drive entrance, just off Skinker. I’m glad that it is finished, because it was more than a year in construction. The work site caused a minor detour of the bike path. It looks nice, except that the spacing on the letters is a little funky. While I was lining up this shot, a guy walked into the frame. I thought that he was going to photo-bomb my picture, but he sat down on the benches that are on the other side of the wall.

This is the latest addition to the new signage that has been placed throughout the park. Hundreds of directional maps now make it easier for visitors to figure out where they are and where they want to go. There’s nary a straight road in the park and it is easy for people unfamiliar with it to get lost.

Forest Park Forever, a charity dedicated to park upkeep has shouldered most of the responsibility for doing park maintenance and improvements. On this day, like most days, they have more workers in the park than the city has. The city couldn’t afford to maintain Forest Park and had allowed it to fall into disrepair. Forest Park Forever had a crew out that was managing the savanna around Deer Lake, when we rode by. They were raking the forest. Anne had to laugh. This organization’s work has truly brought back this once decaying gem.

Before the 1904 World’s Fair the park’s land was known as Skinker’s swamp. There’s a reference to this in the movie, Meet Me in St. Louis. Speaking of which, we saw the new Loop trolley entering the park at the History museum. Clang, clang, clang went the trolley!