Zenobia in Chains

Zenobia in Chains, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, 1859

Zenobia ruled Palmyra (present-day Syria) for six years after her husband’s death in AD 267. She conquered Egypt and reigned until Roman forces overpowered her armies and captured her. Emperor Aurelian marched her in chains as part of his triumphal procession through Rome. Hosmer, one of a group of 19th-century female sculptors working in Rome, held strong feminist beliefs. She saw in Zenobia an embodiment of a woman’s ability to move beyond the constraints placed on her. This statue of Zenobia was found for sale by a WashU art student in an antique shop on Cherokee, here in Saint Louis. He recognized the significance of the chains on the figure and bought the statue for twenty bucks. Now it sits in the Saint Louis Art Museum. Some picking!

To the Top of the Arch

Kienor Plaza View of the Old Courthouse and the Arch

The gurls took the car to go quilt store shopping, but not before dropping Frank and I off at the MetroLink station. We rode the train downtown and then walked to the Arch. Pictured is the newly renovated Kienor Plaza, with the Old Courthouse and the Arch behind it. The statue in the fountain is called The Runner. The courthouse is currently closed for renovation, so we didn’t get to go in there. We grabbed hot dogs just in front of the Arch from a small food stand, for a wee bit of substance, before going beneath the Arch. We got tickets to the top and perused the museum awaiting our turn to go up. We were first in line, when our time slot was called. This put us last in line, in car number eight. At the top we had the most stairs to climb and had to wait until all of the other car’s people moved out of the way. Because of Covid, they now limit how long people can stay at the top to just ten minutes. They were running both the north and south trams, so a rope was strung halfway across the room at the top, limiting us further in our top of the Arch experience. Still, I think Frank was satisfied with the experience, even if it took us most of the day to enjoy just ten minutes at the top. All too soon, our time was up, and in the last shall be first nature of this system, our car was called first to line up for the ride to the bottom. We headed back down again. Afterwards, we walked around the Arch grounds, before heading back to the MetroLink train. This whole trip to the Arch was a Bi-state sponsored adventure. Bi-state runs the buses in Missouri and Illinois, and it also runs the MetroLink. This is a little-known fact that Bi-state also operates the tram cars in the Arch. Back in the sixties, when they were building the Arch, they ran out of money, before they could build the trams. Bi-state stepped up and ponied up the money and has gotten to operate the tram system ever since. Such a sweet deal! Our Arch tram tour guide said that as a Bi-state employee he gets to ride the MetroLink for free, saving on gas money. The gurls picked us up at the station near the house and we all headed home.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Yesterday, was kind of a workday. We installed four floating shelves. After mission accomplished we went out for lunch at a Thai place called Crying Thaiger. Our next stop was Idle Hands Brewery, where Dave and I got matchy-matchy t-shirts, plus a few beers. Back home again and then prep for dinner. Maren made a blueberry galette, while Dave BBQed chicken and tofu shish-kabobs. Maren’s sister-in-law Bella joined us for dinner, with her two dogs, Teddy and Barry. Puck went a little crazy entertaining at the party. After dinner, we played a board game called Hues and Ques. A tough game to play for the colorblind. Today, we went out for breakfast at the Duo Wop Diner, a favorite local greasy spoon. Our next stop was Loews, where we stocked up on two shopping carts worth of gardening supplies. Dave was definitely in his element there. We came home again and planted the four tomato plants that Kim had gifted and Bella had dropped off. The dinosaurs are there in honor of the Apple TV+ series that we watched. Even Puck seemed facinated by it and she never watches TV.