Mothers Day

The Way, Alexander Liberman, 1980

Anne was fêted today. Both boys called her and between the three of them, they talked so long, that it was mid-afternoon before we launched. We headed to the Laumeier Art Fair, where the rain had left muddy grounds, but had stopped by the time that we made it there. The sun even came out. Lots of nice art and some fun conversations too. We closed the fair, but the party wasn’t over then. We dined at Big Sky and had a lovely meal, before getting home for this late post.

Dr. Dave called first, while he was waiting in line for brunch. He had a number of medical recommendations for Anne’s “complaints”. He continues his Boston job search, hoping to get out of academia and earn the big bucks. Eventually, his table was called. Dan called next. The package that I had sent him had arrived. Normally, regular mail is delivered on Saturday and not Sunday, but in his Orthodox Jewish neighborhood it is reversed. The package included two newspapers that were from the day he was born, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the New York Times. They were both Sunday editions and were much thicker than today’s papers are. I think that Evelyn bought them and scribed his birth time, 3:16 PM. I discovered them in the basement and decided to pass them on.

PS – I’m getting my annual Mothers Day hit boost. Who knew that M is for the many things she gave me would be such an enduring hit? Certainly not Bubs.

Fire Dragon Rhapsody

It had rained in Nashville, the morning that we left. This probably caused the wreck on I-24. Google circled us around the north side, just as it had done the south the night before and we eventually got out-of-town. It was only a couple of hours to Paducah, where we stopped at the quilt museum. Anne had been there before, but this was my first time. In the past, I would take the boys down the road to an amusement park and let Anne enjoy the art and there was some fine art there. For some reason there was a heavy horse racing flavor in the collection on display. Unlike the quilt show, which is just bonkers, the museum is a much more manageable affair. Also unlike the quilt show, there were no women hitting on me, “We see you, you can’t hide from us.”

After Paducah, it was only a few short hours to home. We unpacked, kind-of-sorta, because you know the next trip is only a few weeks away. The lawn is a lush jungle, which has been my two-year goal. Anne is now fully enrolled in Medicare and I have my card too (A&B). I’ll transmit this info to our broker Colton and get him going for me. I want to get this wrapped up, before we hit the road again. Things to do: treat the porch, hang pictures and hack at the vegetation are a few of the things that I also want to get done.

We lunched yesterday, with Don, DJ and Ron. We met at the Granite City Brewery, which is in Creve Coeur and not on the eastside as you might expect. They offered a Broad-axe Oatmeal Stout, of which I partook. This put me in mind to catch up on Game of Thrones. I endured the long dark, very dark night, just in time to avoid SNL spoilers and I’ll do it again tonight.

In the vein of dungeons and dragons, I’ve selected the pictured quilt for this post. When Ricky Tims was leaving Saint Louis for Texas, Anne contributed a “boot” block, as in cowboy that she had made and was later incorporated into one of his quilts. A dragon image in iron grill work at an old post office in Pueblo, Colorado caught Ricky Tims’ eye and sparked his imagination to make this quilt. There are 32 dragon motifs in this quilt. Game on!