Taste of Maplewood

MRH HS Stage Band
Burn It to the Ground

Last night, in-between the storms, we attended the Taste of Maplewood, which has reopened after a two-year pandemic hiatus. Overall, this year’s fair was not as grand as in the past, but it may take a few years for it to come back all the way. There weren’t that many food booths. Those restaurants that did represent were more into selling booze rather than food. County health inspectors might have detoured them too. We did manage to snag a trio of Chateau Maplewood’s Gougéres Sliders that were quite scrumptious. I had a Schlafly Strawberry Hefeweizen to drink and Anne had a pink lemonade. Neither of us were much interested in any cocktail mixes that would burn our intestines to the ground. We listed to the half-hour set by the MRH HS Stage Band. This is the successor to the jazz band that David used to play in, when he was in high school. The above video captures their finale (The Middle by Jimmy Eat World). These days, we seem to be living in a world that is intent to burn itself to the ground. The optimism and strength of the young people overs hope that this will not occur. 

Felt Sort of Funny Today

Anne Felting

Today, I was going to write about the replacement back porch step that I successfully installed, but it is not particularly photogenic, even if it was more work than expected. So, I decided to go with what Anne is doing today. She is wet felting. She took a class in this art form a couple of weeks ago, where she practiced her craft. In the interim she has had me fetching various things, like a roll of bubble wrap and a pool noodle. She has been doing her felting mainly on the porch but came into the kitchen where I photographed her. She described this particular fabric as looking like either just some rocks or a gnome with spaghetti in its beard. I’m going with the spaghetti-fied gnome.