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Anne, Dan and Central Park’s 59th St. Skyline

Yesterday, I featured Anne’s new maple leaf shawl. Today, I would like to share pictures of Dan’s latest Glow Forge creation. Below are a pair of photos of a screen that Dan made. This screen will be used as an air conditioner cover for a photo shoot at West Elm, a high-end NYC furniture store chain. The above photo of the two of them is from a year ago last February. It was a warm day, well warm for New York in February. We had spent the day at the Cloisters, viewing medieval art and then had worked our way back south again, via the subway. We stopped off at Central Park, to walk around and just in time to catch the last few rays of light that this beautiful day had to offer. 

Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne’s Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne has knitted the above pictured Red maple leaf shawl. Isn’t it lovely? I love how she has even worked into the pattern the leaf’s veins. I also love its gradual transition from colors light to dark. She is such a crafty woman. She modeled her shawl yesterday, for our photo shoot and while she looked fantastic in it, you really couldn’t she all of the shawl on her as well has you can see it here, laid flat. Seeing this photograph today, she mused that maybe she should have worn it pinned as a cape, like superman would, or rather superwoman, or maybe nature girl. She plans on wearing the shawl to Becca and Rey’s beach wedding this summer. I hope that she does not have to wear it under some other outer wear like she wore at our wedding, many years ago. It is too beautiful hide. 

Nonsense and Beauty

Covent Garden

Nonsense and beauty have close connections. – E. M. Forster

Another day means another play. On Saturday, we attended the Ignite! reading of the new Scott C. Sickles play, “Nonsense and Beauty”. Here is it’s synopsis:

In 1930, the writer E.M. Forster met and fell in love with a policeman 23 years his junior. Their relationship, very risky for its time, evolved into a 40-year love triangle that was both turbulent and unique. Based on a true story, Nonsense and Beauty captures the wit and wisdom of one of the last century’s great writers.

We’ve been attending Ignite! since its beginning six years ago. Each year The Rep produces three of these readings, making for a total of eighteen so far. We have attended most of these performances. “Nonsense and Beauty” is by far and away the best written play of the lot and the most mature one too. By which I mean, for many of these readings, the script is being revised right up to the moment of presentation. This often results in a still rough around the edges product. This is a natural artifact of the play writing process and as such is excusable. But when such a finely tuned vehicle like “Nonsense and Beauty” comes along it puts the others to shame. Typically, The Rep chooses one of each Ignite! season’s offerings to produce as a play. I pray that they choose this one. 

Captain Dick

Forecaster front page + Dan’s Birthday Candle

Pictured are members of the crew for the movie Blow the Man Down. Most of the men are shoveling snow that had just been delivered for a later scene shoot. Dan made the wooden cutout of the lobsterman, who he calls Captain Dick. Dan is barely discernible in the photo. He is on the far right, in front of the house. He is working on a mechanism for the cutout. I’m sure that is his birthday candle.

Shooting has wrapped and Dan should be back in Brooklyn early next week. First, the film had little or no snow, then three nor’easters later they had too much snow and had to go back and reshoot some scenes. Now, it appears that they’ve run out of the white stuff again and have to import it. Years ago, they filmed the Wisconsin winter wedding chapel scene at the end of  the George Clooney movie, Up in the Air, at a church adjacent to Dan’s Maplewood apartment. There they resorted to spray-painting dirt white to make snow. At least they didn’t have to do anything like that here. I hope.

Blow the Man Down is an indie film with chops. Its producers also produced the Oscar wining movie, Little Miss Sunshine. Lead actresses, Margo Martindale (Justified & The Americans) and Annette O’Toole (Smallville) have appeared in numerous film and TV productions. I’ve seen Ms. Martindale in Justified, where she plays a badass old lady crime boss. The following is this movie’s synopsis: 

An accidental murder. An established madam who does her dirtiest business while the town willingly looks the other way. 50 grand of cash up for grabs and the local men out to sea … enter two sisters with nothing and everything to lose.

Dan worked as a set dresser (read carpenter) on this film. In LA, he held this job on several films too, but those were student films. This is his first real movie. As proud parents, we look forward to its release and plan on watching the credits.