Key West Curb Art

Key West Curb Art

I want a tree like this, a tree with a face. When we were in Key West, we tended to eschew Duval Street and favored the back streets instead. It seemed like every home, every building had character. Was a character. I guess that’s what you get, when you live at both the end of the world and in paradise. Key West seems like a throwback, to an earlier time. It really isn’t, but it feels that way. 

We are almost ready for the painters/plasters, a father and son team. Except for last minute items the rooms to be renovated are stripped of adornment. They echo now, what with the walls being bare. I have great expectations for what they will look like when done. The muscle soreness that I induced earlier this week, with a monumental day of moving, has begun to fade. I look forward to a completely repainted main floor. After thirty plus years, the place will look as nice again as the day we bought it.

Footed Salver

Footed Salver

The term “salver” is derived from the custom of presenting food and drink to a servant who would ensure it was safe from treachery by tasting it. By the 1600s, a salver or serving platter, was a common part of tableware. This salver is far from common, however. It is made of gold and decorated with intricate patterns hand-chiseled by a masterful artisan. Two marks on the back of the platter, though difficult to read, establish the plate’s origin in the New World and indicate Spain’s quinto tax had been paid.

This particular treasure from the sunken Spanish treasure galleon Atocha, may not be the most politic of images to share in a post about a luncheon with former colleagues, but it does speak to some trepidation that I had about attending. As it turned out, it was all for naught. No one showed and I was seated at a big table. Fortunately, the place never filled. After half-an-hour I ordered lunch for myself. It did feel odd sitting alone at such a big table. Eventually, a familiar face arrived. Ken told me that this week’s lunch had been cancelled and he was there only, because he needed his car serviced nearby. He ordered too and we had a nice quiet lunch together. He took my email and promised to forward it to the guy that organizes these things, so that next time I can get the word too. 

Anne’s Scans

Prime Numbers

Here she is the love of my life! This photo is from the time before I met her, but not that much earlier. She is in high school, where we met and she is happy! She is holding a certificate of honorable mention in a science fair and is standing by her science fair project, which you guessed it, was on prime numbers. She has always had a thing for prime numbers. After the obligatory groan at seeing her picture, her most biting comment was that compared to today’s science fair projects, hers looks pretty lame. That’s progress! Science marches on…


This blast from the past, this treasure was unearthed, while she was scanning her parent’s home slides. There are boxes and boxes of them, but she hopes to have most, if not all of them digitized before we visit with her folks next. Harry was going to show Bubs their slides, which he did not have, because we did. He tried testing the projector anyway, just to see if it still worked, but with a blinding flash the bulb died. He tried looking on eBay for a replacement, but to no avail. Modern technology and Anne came to the rescue though. She has been slaving over a hot scanner for what now seems like weeks.