My Favorite Photos of 2016

As the year 2016 winds down a there is an air of foreboding towards the new year. On this new year’s eve though, I choose not to look forward, but to look back over the past year and to only look for the beauty and happiness that was there. I’ve chosen a dozen photos here that I liked and that captured some of the good things that I have seen this past year. Here is a synopsis of the photos:

  • A brown pelican is caught swallowing a skate off of Pacific Grove, CA
  • A pair of surfers as seen looking down from the pier in Monterey
  • Me swimming in Lake Superior at sunset and yes it was cold
  • White fluffy clouds over Lake Superior on a beautifully warm beach day
  • Quebec City ferries crisscrossing the Saint Lawrence River
  • Women’s Category 1 crit race line-up at Lafayette Square in Saint Louis
  • Yosemite’s Half Dome shot in the black and white style of Ansel Adams
  • Boaters on ‘The Lake’ in Central Park, New York City at sundown
  • A honey bee on a cone flower at the botanical gardens, Saint Louis
  • Historic Alley Springs Mill, which is located is rural Missouri 
  • White Trumpet Pitcher Plant at the botanical gardens, Saint Louis
  • Snapping Turtle by the bike path in Forest Park, Saint Louis

I chose these pictures with an emphasis on nature and outdoors activities. I also selected these twelve photos as a representative cross-section of the places that I’ve been to over the last year and the different things that I saw there that were both beautiful and interesting. Enjoy! We will see you on the flip side and have a happy New Year! I mean, how bad could it really be? Yeah that bad.

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