Giro Della Montagne

Gateway Cup Bicycle Races

Sunday was a day at the races, up atop The Hill, the Italian neighborhood in town. The weather was pleasant, a great day to watch some bicycle races. We bumped into Chris and Sandi, two Kaldi’s teammates and palled around with them all afternoon. Giro Della Montagne is the original race that started it all and has now grown into the Gateway Cup that now runs four days over Labor Day weekend. Chris and Sandi are probably the most ardent of bike racing fans that we know. Taking a break from feeling the breeze every three minutes, as the peloton streams by, we grabbed some gelato. It was great seeing them again and catching up on old times.

Bike Works

Bike Wheel Shadow

We drove down to Soulard, the old French quarter in town, south of downtown, along the river, it is one of the oldest parts of town. Our destination was Bike Works, an organization dedicated to recycling bicycles. I donated my chrome cladded Trek Y-frame, a bike that I easily put 30,000 miles on. I also had a large number of bike wheels to give, an embarrassing large number. They seemed really happy to receive the gifts. I think that the quality of the bicycling equipment was better than their usual fare. On the way back, we stopped off in Tower Grove Park for a walk. There is something in the air this week that is making my eyes water and making me sneeze too.

It was sad when the great ship went down

Under the Sea

Well that didn’t take long. Saturday, we noticed a new sign on the golf course that we had been walking, announcing guidelines for its reopening. On Sunday, at least that park of the links had reopened to golfers and closing it to walkers like us. Today, the rest of the two golf courses are supposed to reopen for golf.

Fortunately, yesterday we didn’t walk, but instead chose to bicycle. We thought that we had gotten out early enough to beat the heat, but it somehow found us, before we could make it back home. The park was crowded and we didn’t stay.

Bicycling is exercise. Golf is not. At least while using a cart. Before they shut the courses to all golfers, the city tried running them without carts. The few golfers that did walk were so few that management decided to just shut it down. 

The covidiots up the block held their lawn party. Strangers in evening attire traipsed by the house all afternoon. Thunderstorms began popping almost as soon as the party began and for a while their luck held out, but eventually the rain rolled in and all of the dolled up ladies left. One of the local media sites has a list of confirmed Covid cases by zip code. We’ve been holding steady at 29 for a while now. I’ll continue to watch it intently over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be looking for signs of new infections close to home.

We only did our short neighborhood walk today. This was not because of issues with humanity, but rather the twin issues of heat and humidity. It looks like we’ll get rain again this afternoon and every other day this week. As Anne tells me, it will be a good week for the lawn, which is already showing signs of needing to be mowed again and it hasn’t even been a week.