Election Day


Today, is municipal election day. No big deal. Just, a few school board members and some propositions. Nothing too controversial. Anne is working the polls today as an election official. She got up at uh-oh dark thirty and was gone well before sun up. It should be an easy, if long day for her. Unlike last November’s election, turnout should be pretty light. Giving her plenty of time to work on her knitting and get paid for it too. Her polling place is the neighborhood elementary school, site of her old favorite substitute teaching position. It has been more than a year since she last substituted. For a long time school was only virtual. Now it is reopened. With its reopening requests for her services have also reappeared. So far, she has ignored them, but today she might actually see someone who wants her to come back to work. It’s a lot easier to dismiss a text message than someone you know, in purpose. Of late, she has been seriously toying with the idea of permanently retiring, but you know what they say, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in again!”

Anne had suggested that I come to her polling place to vote. A recent innovation in election technology allows a voter to vote at any polling place in the county and not just the one that they are assigned. But there was a bad wreck on the highway. Anne had taken the car, so I wasn’t going to be on the highway anyway, but traffic was such a mess. I first learned of this accident by helicopter. The weather was nice enough that I had left the back door open and through it I heard the steady thump-thump-thump of a traffic copter that had parked itself above the nearby scene below. I biked to the polls. Crossing an overpass, I could see the accident site. It was on the headed downtown side of the road. The opposite side was flowing west, but so was the eastbound half of the highway. The police had turned around the cars trapped by the wrecks. I later learned that the accident involved a semi and a car. The driver of the car died.

America’s Pastime


Yesterday, in a surprising move, Major League Baseball announced that it would be relocating this year’s Allstar game. It had been scheduled to be played in Atlanta this summer, and would have afford an excellent occasion to memorialize the late great Hank Aaron, who passed away this year, but the Georgia Republicans had to go and screw that up. Reacting to the three stinging defeats handed to them, from the end of last year to the beginning of this one, the Georgia GOP enacted draconian voting restrictions designed to undermine and limit the black vote that had trice beaten them. This racist legislation is unconscionable and is reminiscent of Jim Crow practices of sixty years ago. MLB’s courageous stand should serve as a wakeup call to all Georgians and all Americans too. This is the 21st-century and no matter how much some people may want to, we are not going to return to those evil practices of the past.

Feeling Frothy

Bactrian Camel

Well, I’ve held my fire for a good long while now, but I think that it is about time for a good old fashion frothing at the mouth blog rant. I guess what has brought on this need, was last week’s Q-fest, CPAC. It came complete with a golden idol of Big Boy Donny, in flip-flops yet. He really has gone full Florida-man. Not that I listened to any of his fascist fountains of fabrication, but simply knowing that he was saying so was enough to make me foam at my mouth. I did read a report that he claimed to the gathered crowd of his idolaters, “We’ve been winning.” Said the man who lost the House, Senate and the Presidency. It doesn’t really matter what he says any more now. He’s not the President anymore. He is just an old man, full of bile and bigotry.

Enough of politics, on to vaccinations, another one of my favorite topics for rants. Here in Missouri, a couple of my bike buddies have received the vaccine, they are both cancer survivors. I’m happy for them and wish them well. I really want my own vaccine, but not that much. Joanie heard that some of the people that she knows has gotten shots out of Columbia. So, Anne signed us up there too. I  have a feeling that this vaccine hunt will turn out like some of my past job hunts, no offers for months and then one day three at one time.

I Love You

I Love You

We are enjoying a cold (0º F), but cozy Valentine’s Day. I turned up the heat. We ordered delivery, Vietnamese from Mai Lee. Anne ordered a soup dish and got two liters of broth to go with her mountain of vegetables and tofu. I ordered a chicken and vegetable dish, which had leaked and was also amply proportioned. I guess that we will be enjoying Vietnamese cuisine for the next few days. Earlier, I had made a grocery delivery order, which arrived with a little extra, anchovy paste. While I was wondering what the heck I was going to do with it, the delivery person texted me that she wanted it back, which was fine by me.

Well the Senate Republicans stood by their man and acquitted the Donald, even though he has been a faithless suitor and even tried to kill them. The GOP are in an abusive relationship and it is not going to end well for them. Apparently, you really can get away with murder. It’s anybody’s guess where we all go from here. We are in uncharted territory now. Thank goodness for @Jack for finally pulling the plug on his Twitter. Going forward would have been unimaginably worse if he was still tweeting all day and through the night. Now he has to make do with just memos, embossed with his faux presidential seal, as if.

Our diet that is not a diet is going rather well. We’re on the eve of our two week anniversary and I’ve lost almost ten pounds and Anne has lost five. Our official weigh-in day is tomorrow. We’re able to eat almost anything, just in smaller portions. Going forward, I expect the pace of weight loss to moderate. Slow and steady will eventually win this race. I still have a long way to go, to get where I want to be. All this writing and thinking about food has made me hungry though. It must be time for some lunch.