Capitol Model Displayed in Adjoining National Botanical Gardens

It has been more than a week since Trump Terrorists stormed the Capitol and the wheels of justice have begun to turn. Turning many of these insurrectionist perps into prisoners to await their trials, but these wheels turn too slowly, at least for me. To help fill the time while we all await justice’s verdict I offer the following anecdotes from the riot of January 6th and its aftermath that offer poetic justice:

  • Five people were killed by the riot. One of them was a Kennesaw woman who while racing up the Capitol steps, tripped, fell and was trampled by the mob. She had been carrying a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.
  • Another person who died was a man from Alabama. He suffered a heart attack that was rumored to have been caused by him repeatedly tasing himself in the nuts. This last part of the story has turned out to be false. I guess you can’t believe everything that you read on Twitter. Who knew?
  • Women have been soliciting photos of men doing bad stuff at the Capitol. The dating website Bumble had a political filter that allowed these women to pursue men with Trump friendly political leanings. With the come-on of wanting proof of their patriotism, these women would ask these men for photos. After the men complied, the women would forward this proof to the FBI. Bumble has since removed this political filter from all dating profiles.

News of the world:

  • It snowed almost all day yesterday and into the night, but this morning we had little to show for it. Just a few little patches of snow here and there. We’ve had no real snowfall so far this winter.
  • On Monday, Anne and I become eligible for the vaccine. She signed us up. No word yet on when we will actually get vaccinated though. I guess it is time to start refreshing my email’s inbox though. 
  • Girl Routs Men with Sausage—Her Uncle Caused Trouble by Wearing Pajamas—Miss Lizzie Williamson, militant niece of Charles Nichols of neighboring Alton, IL, routed with a link of bologna sausage half-a-dozen men who were attacking her uncle, according to the testimony in the Alton Police Court Wednesday. The trial was of cross-charges of disturbance of the peace brought by Nichols and Nebraska Kingston, who engaged in an altercation Monday night. The trouble started, it was testified, when Nichols appeared before several guests of Kingston, who lives in the same house, dressed only in his pajamas. So shocked were the guests that a general attack on the man followed, necessitating rescue by his niece. Nichols was fined $5 and Kingston $3—St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1907.

It is kind of a slow news day.

The Mall

The Mall

The word out today is that the entirety of the Mall will be closed for Joe Biden’s inauguration next week. The Whitehouse, Capitol building and the Washington Monument had already been circled with security fencing, now it appears that the lawn in-between these hallowed structures will also be closed off to the public. This precaution is partly due to the pandemic, but it is mainly because of last week’s insurrection by Trump terrorists. Tickets to the inauguration will not be issued. Instead, 200,000 American flags will be planted in the grass, where people normally sit to view the swearing in ceremony. It’s a little sad that things have come to this, but when so many of our fellow citizens have given leave of their senses and choose to believe the baseless lies that the Republicans have been pedaling since Election Day, what else is one to do?

From news reports, it appears that the Justice department is already well underway with prosecuting the perpetrators of last week’s riot. Many arrests have already been made and more are sure to come, but all of these security precautions speak of a fear of further violence that also needs to be addressed. After 9/11, our government launched an extensive campaign against Islamic terrorism. I think that an effort of similar scope and ferocity needs to be undertaken against these right-wing, white-supremacist thugs. I hold with none of their “unity” bullshit that has been floated of late. They cloak themselves in the flag, claim to be patriots, when in reality they are seditious criminals. If they want unity, then they can join us on the side of the law, as many of them have already done and more are doing daily. Sure some dead-enders will be provoked. Violence will occur, but wakeup people. Racist attacks have been up, way up, for the past four years. It is high time that we put down this epidemic of hate. Criminally prosecute perps on the street and the instigators behind the microphones. One without the other is a job left undone.


Charger, Durham, New Hampshire, 1940

Yesterday, we got out and walked for the first time since that fateful day last week. Actually, we had walked the day before yesterday, but that was such a cold, short and brutish affair that it hardly counts at all. Our regular neighborhood walk yesterday, was much more pleasant and today looks like it will be even better, with a high in the fifties. What to do with this spate of fine weather? Tune in later to find out.

After last Wednesday, we haven’t done much. It has been cold. Did I mention the temperature? I stewed on Twitter for a fair portion, mainly retweeting people with similar sentiments. because unlike some other people I have not been banned from all social media. It is a fitting end for a troll that his bridge finally came tumbling down upon him. I must say how impressed that I was with the effectiveness of the tech giants in dealing with him. They not only took him out, but also took out his supposed life raft. “Nuke the entire site from orbit—it’s the only way to be sure.” Others may cry foul, but I think he had it coming and it has gradually gotten more peaceful. A little duller too, but that’s OK. If 2021 was allowed to continue on the path that it was heading in that first week, it would have made me long for the good old days, like 2020.

The graphic for this post comes from the Met. Another place that I would like to revisit once this whole pandemic is done. This plate was in the museum’s visible storage center. The Met helped pioneer this method for displaying its collection. Items that would have otherwise been left in storage are available for viewing, in rows of long glass cases. Items are grouped by type. Most items only have a number that can then be looked up for more information. Usually items are just sat on shelves, but this item got special attention and was prominently displayed.


Account Suspended

It took four years and a day of unimaginable discord, but the Twitter beast has been felled. No more insults, no more self-pitying, no more calls for violence. In the eerie silent afterwards, I raise my head and wonder what took so long? While certainly not the first and hopefully not the greatest punishment to befall him for his high crimes, it does signify a sea change, a change towards accountability. Like an avalanche falling, other social media companies have quickly followed suit, silencing him. Going further they have also moved to cutoff future avenues for communication. He will likely rally his fragile ego and turn to face the public again, but without his megaphone, he will forever look smaller. Sad.

First do no harm and then prevent others from doing further harm, but more needs to be done. Impeachment seems to be the logical next step. He is still unrepentant. Heck, he won’t even acknowledge the harm that he has already done. He needs to be punished and soon. Unfortunately, for the next ten days (really 9½, but who’s counting) he is still president and still dangerous and it is highly unlikely that enough of his Republican enablers will do the right thing to foreshorten that time period. To avoid future catastrophes, he must be distracted, not by new baubles, rewards for unseemly behavior, but pelted with a barrage of constant invectives, disparagements and punishments. 

It is my hope that this steady assault will keep him too busy to do too much further damage. A good example action is the rumored PGA revocation of their 2022 championship from his Bedminster golf course. Seemingly coming from out of left field, this is exactly the kind of insult to cause him to fly off the handle and flail helplessly for a day or so. At this point, every day matters.

Royal Baboon

Tower of London Royal Baboon

In the past, the Tower of London once featured a Royal Zoo of sorts. It was never all that much, but over the years it fell into disrepair and was eventually discontinued. Hastening its dissolution were the baboons, who were always escaping from their cages. One such beast is seen here, rendered using chicken-wire. It is seen symbolically screeching from the rooftops at the gathered throng of tourists below. Nasty, nasty creatures those baboons.

Yesterday was the Feast of the Epiphany or Three King’s Day, the twelfth day of Christmas, when the three wise men paid their respects to the baby Jesus. For us the day started off on a high note when we received the good news from the twin Georgia runoff elections. Next, we enjoyed a pleasant stroll in Tower Grove Park. It was a welcomed relief after the day’s before more arduous trek, slip-sliding through the mud. Amazingly, it was our arms that were sore from all of the heavy hiking pole use. So, it was with a shock when we afterwards learned of the rioting at the Capitol. I turned on the TV, which droned on and on through the afternoon and evening reciting the litany of horrors that had occurred. In the end, in the wee hours of the night, Congress eventually accomplished what it had set out to do and Joe Biden’s victory was certified. At least in that regard the work of the terrorists who had attacked our democracy was thwarted.

There are still thirteen more days until Inauguration Day and I fear what might yet happen in that almost two weeks. The instigator-in-chief has shown zero remorse for his fomenting of yesterday’s chaos. Quite the contrary, reports hold that last night he was still chortling with glee at the halt in the proceedings of his replacement. I’m sure that the only downside he saw to the day was that he lost access to his Twitter account, which prevented him from more public gloating. No need for him to worry though, he still has the nuclear codes by his bedside.

I am not alone in fearing what further damage he might yet wrought. Calls for his immediate removal, either through a second impeachment or the 25th amendment have both been made, but I doubt that Congress or administration officials have the will for either action. We’ll just have to hope for the best. If he gets out of his Twitter timeout, he’ll resume spewing his lies and inflame further outrages. I’m sure he plans on pardoning anyone involved in yesterday’s violence, while thinking, so many more crimes to commit and so little time left.

Black Votes Matter

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Jonathan Scott, 2018

There is a deep connection between barbecue and the blues. At Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Atlanta the performance space is dominated by a mural depicting blues musicians B.B. King (Riley B. King), Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker (Aaron Thibeaux Walker) and Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield). Blues, Bar-B-Que and beer, what more could you ask for? How about a side of two Senators.

Happy Three Kings Day! I awoke to a pleasant surprise this morning. Last night Raphael Warnock won his Georgia senatorial runoff election and Jon Ossoff looks likely to also win his election. These two Democratic victories will flip the Senate. These new wins come on the heels of last year’s Presidential election, where Georgia also went for the Democrats and elected Joe Biden. Here is a big shoutout to Stacy Abrams, the power behind the throne, who orchestrated the victory of these three kings.

After I finish writing this post, I am going to clear my “busy” schedule and devote the rest of the day to reading every article, story or tweet I can find about turmoil in the Republican Party. Can you say Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? I wasn’t going to watch the circus unfolding today in Congress. I don’t even know if it will be broadcasted. Assuming that it is, I’ll tune in without the sound on, so that every time I see an angry Republican Representative or Senator gestating wildly on the TV, I can jeer back at them. They won’t hear my shouting, but then I won’t hear theirs either. That’s OK, I don’t need to hear what they are saying, because their words like themselves no longer matter to me.

After writing the above, we went for a walk. We were offline for like maybe two hours and after that I was appalled to see that open insurrection has broken out. Trump’s terrorist stormed and breached the US Capitol. The Electoral College certification was suspended and Representatives and Senators evacuated. I’ve watched enough of the wall-to-wall news coverage to see pictures of hundreds of faces, faces belonging to these thugs. They should be caught, arrested, tried and convicted and not just for trespassing. Lock Them All Up!