Stupid Quail

California Quail

Quail, quake, rattle and recoil …in terror.

ISIS, Kim Jong Un, active shooter,
Trumpcare, global warming, poverty, Death, the 6 o’clock news.

We always used to warn our children, Don’t get into cars with strangers!
Now they have an app for that.

Fear of God Vans

Quail in… horror, Spanish, fear, Missouri, the bible, a sentence — Google.

Quail are stupid birds. Flushed from the roadside brush, they flee across the road and into the path of your advancing car. Running in a line, their stragglers cause you to brake, less you clip one or two. Although, doing so could only advance the specie, but doing so just doesn’t feel right. Stupid quail. 

Smarter than a 3rd-Grader?

Doelle’s Sunset

You may be smarter than a 3rd-grader, but it’s hard to beat their humor:

3rd-Grader: What do cows like to do on the Weekend?
Teacher (Anne): I don’t know. What?
3rd-Grader: Go to the moo-vies.
Teacher: What is the favorite game of cows?
3rd-Grader: What?
Teacher: Moo-nopoly.
Another 3rd-Grader: It’s pronounced Monopoly not Moo-nopoly. 

A Superior Sunset

A Superior Sunset

Perfect beach day! It was very Goldilocks out, not too hot, not too cold. There was plenty of sunshine and NO rain. Harry hung the second hooked rug above the fireplace and everyone is pleased with it. Anne had sown a sleeve and inserted a dowel into it, making putting it up quite easy. On our first day here, I had distributed the decorative chair pillows as I saw fit. It’s been two-weeks now and there have been no complaints. So, either I did it right or it doesn’t matter anymore. While walking the beach, we spotted the merganser babies. We haven’t seen them in a week. They are down to eight now, but are much bigger than before. Anne learned where the bald eagle nest is on Cedar Point. We’ll be heading over there this week, to check it out. The big news is that the northern lights are forecasted to be visible tonight. A freak solar flare is bombarding the Earth’s ionosphere, making it likely that we’ll see something. Anne and I will drive over to Naomikong to maximize our viewing experience. Nestled in the Hiawatha National Forest, along the shore of Lake Superior, I have the perfect dark skies observation site already picked out. As of writing, the skies are cloudless. It’s not too cold and there is still a bit of a breeze to keep the bugs away. Wish us luck!