Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Today’s drive was without mishap, although we did encounter some weather, but there was nothing severe. I started off in shorts and a t-shirt. While leaving Amarillo, our motel was only a few miles from the iconic Cadillac Ranch, where some crazy Texan had plowed ten Cadillacs nose first into the dirt. Taggers have been working on them ever since. In some places the spray paint is so deep that it has taken on a form on its own. I posed for a token tag, but Anne was not willing to deface any art, even if she did get this great picture of it. When we crossed into New Mexico, I ended up in big boy pants and fleece,

We made it to Santa Fe. The last few miles on I-40 were a pain, too many trucks and too many rolling hills, needing the trucks to be passed and then causing the trucks to pass us. Also, there was too much rain and at the very end some very bad pavement. After yesterday’s happenstance this was the most concerning aspect of it all. This was all alleviated when we took the turnoff for Santa Fe.

Our hotel, the La Fonda, is one of the few remaining Harvey Hotels still in operation, though not still operated as a Harvey. It sits kitty-corner to the Plaza, the historic center of town and fronts on the old Santa Fe Trail. After check-in We explored the vicinity. The museums were closed today, so we concentrated on the art galleries, of which there were too many to see, at least in my opinion. We pretty much closed them and then we scored a table at one of the hotter restaurants nearby, the Shed. Tomorrow, is not a travel day, let’s call it an art day.

Little Herons

Little Green Heron

Yesterday, we walked in Forest Park. No owls, but we did see two new birds, at least new for this season. Pictured is a Little Green Heron that Anne snapped. This is the first time this year that we’ve seen one in the park. They are pretty common in Forest Park. It’s good to see that they’ve come back. We also saw a Little Blue Heron, which is pretty rare in the park. I’ve only ever seen one in the park two other times. It got flushed from under a bridge, when a noisy dump truck rumbled over the bridge and it and an egret flew away before we could get a good picture of it. Anne got seventeen species for the day.