I looked at clouds that way…


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is an animated GIF worth? Probably more than I’ll write in this post. Today’s clouds are a rather monotonous blanket of grey. It felt like it was going to snow, when I went outside to fetch the paper and there are great big blue blobs of Oobleck on the weather radar. It might snow today, but then again, it might not. Even if it does snow, rain will soon quickly wash it all away. “AM Ice”, that’s today’s forecast, followed by days of rain. Sounds like getting out this week will be difficult.

Meanwhile, inside this once happy home, Anne is not pleased. Since Christmas our package to Dave and Maren has not moved. There have been no further updates for days. We mailed the package on the 10th, for two-day delivery and now it has essentially disappeared. Today, Anne initiated the USPS lost package procedure or at least she tried to. After entering all of the particulars, she got the 404 error. She then tried to save a draft of her claim and that too had just up and disappeared. Cheeses Crisis! Her new family friendly swear word. She is about to try it again now. I may have to go for a walk, even if it is raining or snowing.

Lake’s Last View

Lake’s Last View

Barefoot in June, dancing gingerly around the pinecones strewn about the path to the beach. Tenderfoot no longer by August, but it is high time to put on ones shoes again. Summer is over. Time to turn to the dark side again. Three months makes for a short season, what with three-quarters of the year in-between each.

Still it is a magical time. Come midsummer’s eve the sun only briefly sets. The Canadian soldiers dance from dusk to dawn. Theirs is a short life, made shorter by the solstice, living only for the day, for them there is no tomorrow. Nearby gulls get no rest at all and sleepless themselves, they ensure no one else within earshot does either, their calls after dark begin again all the earlier before dawn.

By late August, the days are noticeably shorter, the bugs much diminished and the gulls all but gone. So are most of the summer people too. Annual greetings and goodbyes have been made. By this time of year, summer vacations have all been spent and back to school thoughts are now foremost on people’s minds.

The lake and the beach are returning to those people who live by them year-round. But before I go up to the cabin, to pack up all my cares and woes, at the end of the last beach day, I turn and look back towards the lake. Still aglow from the setting sun, filtered through the trees, it lights my way home. One last look, one last photograph, to remember by. Then turning, like the leaves have already begun to do, I head up. Tomorrow, we head down state and then home again.