Bicycling Groupies

Point Iroquois Lighthouse with Black-eyed Susan’s

Anne drove Jay to the airport, while I slept-in. Later, we drove to Point Iroquois. On the way there, it soon became apparent that today was the day that the MUP passes by the cabin. MUP stands for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and this bicycle tour is put on by the League of Michigan Bicyclist. We rode it in 2015. This year we were just bicycling groupies and hung out with the cyclists at the lighthouse and also chatted them up some too. We’ll probably see the bikers again tomorrow, because they will be spending two nights in the Soo and we have to go into town to do laundry. After the lighthouse, we stopped off at Jack’s Pub and Grub for some lunch. There we continued our groupie ways with the bikers that were also dining there. I had their whitefish, which was pretty good and Anne had a salad. We each had a glass of Grizzly Pear Cider, “made with real pears, not bears.” It was quite sweet, but still refreshing and tasty too.



Almost everyone that has traveled here for the wedding has departed. Bill left today and Jay leaves at uh-oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning. After she flies out, I’ll be the youngest in the cabin. Youth wants to know!

Anne and I cooked today. She made her Moab jailhouse sourced ginger sweet-potato pancakes for lunch. For dinner, I made a roasted harissa, tofu, broccoli dish, with quinoa as a side. It was both totally vegan and used up almost all of what Becca and Rey had left behind for us. Everyone liked it. So, it must have been a success. I hope to do more of the cooking this summer.

After dinner, we met Paulette at her beach house. She graciously hosted us. She, Jay, Anne and I all commiserated together. It was great conversation. I got great pics of her milkweed fed Monarch caterpillars, which she has already posted, but I will too. She is creating the most amazing hooked rugs!