Blossoms Past and Present

Magnolia stellata

Spring has sprung and I offer you two different plant’s schemas for reproduction. The left pictured magnolia blossom in only one of millions on thousands of trees that have popped over the last week here in town.  Counterpoint to that flower, I offer up the Seedbox. Created last season it too stands ready to procreate this spring. As its name implies, the Seedbox has a almost perfect hexahedron shape, like dice, except that it only rolls snake eyes. I opened one and the individual seeds were nicely packed within, like you would expect flowers to be arranged in a box. The Seedbox photo is from our visit to the gardens on Friday, where they always have some most unusual plants. The magnolia blossom photo was taken Sunday in Tower Grove Park, which was very crowded. It was such a nice day. We exchanged texts with the kids that day, who were out-and-about on our respective Sunday excursions.


Snake in the Grass

Garden’s Garter Snake

Yesterday, we went to the gardens and found this garter snake in the grass. We played pestering paparazzi with it until it gave up its photo and then we left the poor thing alone. There were more flowers in bloom this week than last. The magnolias were in fine fettle.

Dan and Britt called while we were at the gardens. They have found a new apartment that they like. It’s in Brooklyn, in East Williamsburg also-known-as West Bushwick. So, a better neighborhood than where they are now.  It is in a new building, but if they score the place, it will be a five story walkup. An opportunity for some exercise. It is a little smaller than their current apartment and a little more expensive, but it has a covered balcony with an excellent view, with no tall building to obstruct the view.

Anne got her hair cut this morning. I waited in the car and waited and waited. Afterwards we walked in Forest Park. It was still a little chilly, but on this first day of spring, people were acting like and dressing like it was much warmer than it was. It is supposed to hit sixty later today. Time for some gardening.

Field of Crocuses

Field of Crocuses

Another day, another first in a year—my first haircut in a year. I went to Great Clips, the chain that had a super-spreader event here in Missouri at the beginning of the pandemic—not the one that I went to, that one was in Joplin. They have Covid protocols now, including mask wearing. My hair stylist had a Russian accent. We talked vaccinations first. I told her that I had drove to Columbia to get mine. This took our conversation on to the subject of travel. Turns out that we both had visited Michigan last summer. It feels good not to have Covid hair anymore. Anne’s going to get her hair cut tomorrow, but at a local shop that she even visited while we were quarantining. Her Covid hair was bothering her more than mine. This afternoon, we will visit the gardens again.

Garden Outing

Chinese Witch Hazel

We visited the gardens for the first time in a year. We have gone to the gardens’ Shaw Nature Reserve several times in this last year. It is less populated and wider open and felt safer. As it turns out on a weekday in February even the gardens are pretty empty. A lot had changed at the gardens. First off, the Ridgeway visitor’s center has been torn down. Although relatively new, it was deemed obsolete and unable to handle the expected greater visitor flow. So, the first thing to greet us on our visit was the sound of jackhammers. A new, smaller building is now serving as the garden’s temporary visitor’s center. It looks permanent though. So, I’m unsure what its eventual role will be. The new entrance fronts onto the Linnean House, a Henry Shaw era greenhouse that has been emptied out, except for some construction debris. Likewise, with the adjacent fountains, one of them had been boarded over. The Climatron was open, but we had decided to stay out of the buildings, as best we could. Besides with wearing masks our glasses were already fogging up. The home gardening center was closed due to another construction project, as were many of the smaller trails throughout the gardens, probably because of Covid. Even the fish food dispensers for the koi in the Japanese garden were boarded up. Amazingly, there were a few flowers out, Winter Aconite, Snowdrops and Witch Hazel, lots of Witch Hazel. To think that only a week ago the highs were in single digits.