No, Thursday’s Out

Looking Up at Two Lizards

“No, Thursday’s out. How about never—is never good for you?” This line is the caption on a famous New Yorker cartoon that shows a business man speaking on the telephone, but completely sums up my attitude towards telemarketing. I especially don’t appreciate calls looking to find me a job. Being the retired guy, I am exposed to these calls all day long now. They are maddening. I’ve just added my cell to the do not call list, but since the land line has been on this list for years, I don’t hold out much hope for any relief there. I’ve begun manually blocking individual numbers, but since most call centers employ hundreds of lines, I’m not very optimistic about this approach either. I am considering an App to block these calls, but have not found one without a monthly fee. Does anyone out there in cyber space have any recommendations? Akismet this WordPress blog’s spam blocker is the gold standard of what I would like to get, which is both free and highly effective. 

In the Boston Science Center there are two giant screens. Each is suspended beneath one of the two walkways that connect the museum’s Red and Blue wings. On each screen is projected a series of vignettes. Primarily, they show various animals. Their point-of-view is similar to that of the observer. You look up at them. These seemingly huge creatures appear to be walking on a glass surface, high above your head, through which the movies are shot. Because of the walkway’s length, a slide transition is used to segue between scenes. The gigantic creatures slide in from the left and exit to the right, causing one to crane your head to track them.

Taxi Flats


When we visited New York City and Boston last month, we walked a lot. We also took the train, the subway in NYC and the MTA in Boston. When we used a car, it was almost always an Uber. The one time that we hired a cab was when we first arrived at La Guardia. That ride to Dan’s place was over $50. All of our other rides were by Uber and all were a small fraction of the cost of that taxi. In addition to being cheaper, with Uber you contract for an agreed upon price. This eliminates that disquieting feeling one gets watching the meter continually accumulate more cost. Another advantage of Uber over a taxi is that they use both newer and cleaner vehicles, eliminating the sticky and dirty cab floor. The pictured taxicab flats were seen at the Rockefeller Center. 

2018 Favorite Photos

It is that time of year and as we wade into the holidays and the year 2018 draws to a close, it is time for a little retrospection. To that end, I’ve pawed through this year’s catalog of pictures. In constructing this post, I originally began with a much larger set that adequately covered the entirety of this year’s adventures. Subsequently, I culled them down to this more manageable dozen. Enjoy!

In January, we journeyed to the sunshine state. This was a long vacation that just one photo doesn’t do justice, but stacked up against the year that followed that is all it got. We made two trips to California and visited with my father and brothers. It is hard not to take a good picture of the rugged coastline there and the Monterey aquarium lets you peer beneath the waves. In LA, we saw Anne’s uncle and also did some more sightseeing. This time the Getty’s gardens were open. In town, at the zoo, the big event was the unveiling of the cheetah cubs. They were super cute. We reprised last year’s western road trip. This time, we went further north. On the way out, we were almost blown out of the Badlands.

It is a black box to me how WordPress arranges photographs in a gallery. To get the most compact arrangement, I’ve had to jumble up the chronological order in this second set. The wedding and balloon glow both occurred after our Montana trip. I glommed on to the official wedding photographer’s posed shot to get this pic of all the cousins. This was the second year, but our first time that we saw the balloon glow in its new location on Art Hill, overlooking the Grand Basin.

Now, let’s go west again, with two pictures, both from Glacier. On our last morning there, we caught the sun rising over the misty mountains at the far end of Lake McDonald. The photograph that I am most pleased with is that of the one week old moose calves. It made for a very special shot. Our last trip was back east to see the boys, one in Brooklyn the other in Boston. Boston got short shrift here, with two from NYC and none from Boston, but that’s just the way if fell out. I love the sunlight coming through the windows at Ellis Island and how can you top the New York skyline after dark.