It’s All Fun and Games…

…until someone’s eye gets poked out. Fortunately, none of that happened here. Brit made this movie and Dan allowed me to post it. Brit sped it up and I put it in an endless loop. Even so, it kind of makes you sorry for all those knights in shining armor. Speaking of movies, the film that Dan worked on a year and a half ago in Maine, has got a distributor. Blow the Man Down will be coming to Amazon Prime. No word yet on when. Word is that Amazon bought it on the eve of the Toronto Film Festival, to forestall other bidders. Dan and Brit left today, driving back to NYC. Bubs accompanied us four for a breakfast run to Jack’s. I am officially the baby of the cabin again. The seagulls are leaving or dying, but not staying here. The summer people are leaving. We will leave next week. After three months on the road, I cannot tell you how happy I will be to sleep in my own bed again. It is time to move onto the second phase of retirement, home improvement. At home, there are plenty of projects waiting for me to work on.

Afloat in a Boat or Two

Anne, Dan and Brit went boating today. Dan and Brit shared a canoe, while Anne borrowed a kayak. I stayed on the bank, to watch and worry. They all went around Round Island first. Their presence there suitably agitated the seagulls.  Anne saw, but did not photograph an eagle that was sitting out on the island. Next up was Cedar Point. They landed at the navigational triangle. Then it was back to the beach. I think that there will be some sore muscles in the future.

We hosted a dinner party last night. In addition to our cabin’s six, invitees included Anne, Bill and Grinch, for a total of nine. This summer season’s high. Cousin Anne made her always delicious lasagna, both meat and veggie types. We accompanied this with a salad and garlic bread. Everyone had a good time. 

Semipalmated Sandpipers

Anne and I saw these birds yesterday on the beach, but neither of us had a good camera then. There was a certain otherness about them that distinguished them from the more normal Spotted sandpipers that we’ve been seeing all summer. We saw their tracks all up and down the beach. We also saw the tracks of another animal, an as yet unidentified mammal. Those tracks also ran the length of the beach, but unlike the sandpiper tracks which went every which way, this animal was moving with a purpose. The tracks looked too big to be those of the mink that we saw earlier this summer, but they also seemed too small to belong to any of the dogs that live on the beach. It’s a mystery. I saw the new sandpipers again today and had my camera in hand and got these pictures. I’ve classified them as Semipalmated sandpipers. There was an adult and four juveniles, although there were more yesterday. They are just passing through. They breed in the Arctic and we’ve seen them before in the Keys, where they winter. They have quite the epic migration. In other bird news, while I was writing this post, a juvenile robin slammed into a sleeping porch window. It left a greasy smudge and a few feathers on the glass. Anne and I ran outside and photographed it as it was sitting still stunned on the ground. It soon tired of us though and hopped away beneath the cabin. So, I guess that it will be alright.