Young Mergansers Swimming Away

Young Mergansers Swimming Away

Young Mergansers Swimming Away

Anne got a last minute text to come substitute, so our plans to go bicycling together today, across the river in Madison County, went out the window. That’s OK, she needed the rest day. I just don’t know if substitute teaching really counts as a rest day though. So, I went bicycling in Forest Park alone. On the way to the park, I had to contend with two other solo cyclists and without a skirt to hide behind, I put my pedals to the metal, at least metaphorically and beat them to the light at Skinker. After the light, we all went our separate way. Thank you very much. The most interesting aspect of the ride occurred when a startled flock of Canadian geese were flushed by an approaching large and loud orange park’s department truck. They flew quite low across the street, between the truck and I, honking to beat the band. In an effort to goose them on their way faster the truck honked it’s much louder horn, which both the driver and I found to be hilarious. It was a moment, but I guess you had to be there. Later, the battery on my bike’s computer failed and with no further mileage tracking, I lost interest in any further riding and headed for home.

That was my morning, but rather than be cooped up all afternoon as the Saint Louis summer swelters on, I decided to go swimming. I went to the Maplewood pool, where we used to go when the boys were younger, but haven’t been for many years. It is much improved. I expected to pay, but found out to my delight that it is now free to me, because I’m now considered a resident senior. I had a great time swimming laps and can truthfully say that the water was warm, but not as warm as the air. There were two gym classes at the pool. The high school one was teaching water polo and the middle school one was teaching swimming fundamentals. I stayed to the ‘adult’ lap lanes and they mainly stayed out of them. When it came time to leave, I gave the students first turn at the locker rooms and was able to change by myself.

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