Heat, Humidity and Humanity

Okinawan Dancers

Okinawan Dancers

Anne and I braved the heat, humidity and the humanity of it all, when we biked over to Tower Grove Park for the International Festival today. There we enjoyed plenty of music and dance and food, don’t forget about the food, from all around the world. This year, MODOT tried its darndest to obstruct flow to this annual event by closing a stretch of I-44 and also closing Kingshighway and Grand at either end of this freeway closure. It was like they filled the moat and then drew up the drawbridges. None of the ensuing traffic mess affected us on our bikes, but there sure were a lot of frustrated drivers around. It was a hot one today, but we stopped at the Gardens twice and also the visitor’s center in Forest Park for a cool down, but then don’t you wish that your girlfriend was hot like mine?

Russian Dancer

Russian Dancer

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