The Cold Is Leaving

Iced Fountains of the Grand Basin

But some ice still remains. It got above freezing yesterday and we got some rain, which then froze on the ground. This morning, the roads were well treated, so any freezing hadn’t lasted long. I drove Anne to school. Afterwards, I drove through Forest Park and saw these ice formations around the fountains in the Grand Basin. It is supposed to continue warming up this week. We might even see 60 ºF! That’s going to feel like shorts and t-shirt weather. I definitely will need to get the bicycle out for that. That’s it for today, short and sweet.

Don’t Poke the Bear

STL Grizzly either Huck or Finley

Well, I hope that you are happy with the reaction that you got. I know that you were just doing your job and really you were trying to be helpful, but all those nice and gentle suggestions that you made didn’t land that well. Did they? Now, you have mama bear’s hot breath breathing down your neck. It’s 3 AM. You’re wide awake and you are stewing about this situation. What to do. What to do. Here is a suggestion, next time, don’t poke the bear, but that’s just me.