Red-Tailed Hawk Eating Roadkill

Red-Tailed Hawk Eating Roadkill

What you miss, when you’re not looking, but thank goodness for Anne. Hop into the way-back machine and let’s journey back again to last Saturday, for our bicycle ride’s third photo-op. We were crawling up Wydown and almost home. I raced around Anne to get to the light at Big Bend and press the walk button. When Anne arrived, she asked me if I had seen it. Seen what, I asked. We had both ridden right by a Red-tailed hawk that was on the ground and as soon as it could jumped out into the street to pick up some fresh roadkill. It was back in the ivy when I finally spied it, munching on some bloody meat. I think that it was a squirrel. I went back and it allowed me to approach to within 30’ as it fed. There were other people around too, but it was unfazed with its meal.

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