Critical Role

Lost in consideration of imminent impalement

Lost in consideration of imminent impalement

Roll to save! “Critical Role” is a web series that portrays people playing Dungeons and Dragons. That’s right folks, it’s a TV show where you watch other people play D&D. For the uninitiated, think of it as fantasy reality TV. I’m coming pretty late to the scene, since they already have 30+ shows in the can. This show’s shtick, is that they have voice actors, as their on screen talent. The players and especially the DM are great at conjuring voices for and acting out their role playing, but what is even more fun is listening to the out of character repartee among the cast. The players play to the audience in a way that influences game play, but in a good way. Pratfalls are taken good naturedly by the player characters and there is a general realization that the game is just a game. It makes it more fun to watch. I tried watching the first episode, but debut production issues kept getting in the way. I recommend skipping forward, at least to the second episode, where they first enter the dungeon. They are playing 5th edition D&D. The show is LA based. I watched it on YouTube. Beware though, episodes run 2+ hours long. You could easily lose your soul with this show. 😉

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