Jayne’s Hats All Around

Two New Jayne's Hats - In Colors of Da Bears and Da Blackhawks

Two New Jayne’s Hats – In Colors of Da Bears and Da Blackhawks

How’s it sit? Pretty cunning, don’t you think? – Jayne (Adam Baldwin)

My wife is a knitting fool. She whipped out these two Jayne’s hats over this holiday weekend. In addition to cooking, entertaining, partying and bicycling. She is Super Woman! They are gifts for Dave’s two roommates. Please, take note FOX, no money was exchanged for these hats. Dave’s roommates are both big Chicago sports fans, so Anne made these two hats in their favorite team colors. Anne is sporting da Bears team colors, while Dave is looking cunning in da Blackhawks team colors. I’ll probably get in trouble saying this, but if you want your very own Jayne’s hat, send your request in here, but get in line, because I’m next. They are warm. I’m going to opt for the traditional Jayne’s hat, in hues of yellow and orange. In case you live under a rock and have no idea of what I speak, Firefly was a short-lived, not even a full season, science fiction TV series, but fan support was able to win a movie sequel, Serenity. It is best characterized as a space western and included spaceships, blasters and horses. It starred Nathan Fillion and was created by Joss Whedon. Jayne was sort of the plucky goofy comic relief. In one episode, he receives a package from his mother. In it is this rather hideous looking knit cap. The rest is history.

Today was a pretty good end to this holiday weekend. While Anne was knitting up a storm, I got a bike ride in. I think that the high just might have kissed 70 ˚F today. So, I got to ride in shorts and a short sleeve jersey. There were plenty of other riders out too. The trail was so crowded that I ended up bailing and hit the roads. I got home in time for the Rams kickoff. They went on to give the Oakland Raiders a 52-0 drubbing. If only the rest of the season could have been like today. We finished up the Thanksgiving leftovers, ending with Anne’s excellent pumpkin pie. With the Rams victorious, the food all gone and hats in hand, Dave left for Purdue. He heads out into the annual Wordpress snowstorm.

Currently, at the top of my brother’s Flickr feed that I call Chris’s Camera is his photo, Calla Lilies at Doud Creek – Big Sur, CA. This image won First Place for Landscape/Nature in the 2014 Popular Photography readers contest. It is on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Popular Photography. Actually it is on the subscription cover of that issue. The magazine does both a newsstand and a subscriber edition, with different covers. He would like to get a copy or two and if anyone out there could see fit to part with their issue that would be great.

4 thoughts on “Jayne’s Hats All Around

  1. I feel left out, everyone in my house has a hat of this style, except me. Can I get in line for a hat???????? My favorite colors are red, white and blue, Go Bills……

    • Sure, I’ll put you in line before Mark. Oh wait, he just walked back in to the room. I guess it will have to be after his. 😉
      Are those the Bills’ colors?

      • Yes, they are Bills colors….. I can’t sneak ahead of my pal, Mark deserves the next hat…..

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