Fly Me to Garrapata

My brother Chris sent me a link to the above movie that he made. Garrapata is a Californian state park, where he has been taking sunset photos for years now. It is located along the central coast’s Highway 1, between Monterey and Big Sur. It is lovely scenery that he has photographed, this time using a drone. Enjoy!

I have been busy puttering about the house, while Anne does her teacher thing. The A/C guy is doing the annual air conditioner checkout. So far, the only thing that he has found is that the thermostat’s backup batteries needed to be replaced. Although he is making a lot of noise in the basement. I’ve been battling with carpenter bees and have significantly reduced their numbers, if not outright eliminating them. I’ll weather-proof the porch after this next rain passes.

I’m also prepping for our next trip. This will be what has become our annual western road trip. This year, we’re focusing on five states, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon and Washington. Basically we’ll head due west until we hit the coast and then hang a right. I’ve been making some additional reservations, filling in holes in our itinerary. I’m especially pleased with myself for opting for a room at the Ranch at Death Valley. We were thinking of camping there, but a check on the weather indicated that the expected high temperatures would be 110 °F. I sure hope that their A/C is all checked out and working when we arrive, because otherwise we’ll have to drown our sorrows at the Last Kind Word Saloon. Their site claims that the resort has undergone a renovation. After Death Valley, we’ll head to Monterey, where Chris can show off his drone.