They Just Won’t Go Away

Ice Skaters at Steinberg Ice Rink

Ice Skaters at Steinberg Ice Rink

“They just won’t go away”, said FOX announcer, Joe Buck, of the Saint Louis Cardinals, after they had tied Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, for the second time. That game that series was a highpoint in recent Saint Louis history. I think that the same can now be said of this year’s Ferguson protests. We spoke with, actually listened to at length, to a black man that we have known since he was a boy. Dave and he have been friends for most of their lives. He is currently actively involved in the #Ferguson movement on multiple levels. He contributes both as an organizer and as a medic. As an organizer he seems keenly aware of the movement’s protest strategy and nonviolent goals and as a medic, he has been an eyewitness to this last week’s most violent confrontations. His recount of these confrontations are different from what we have seen in the media. He has always impressed me with his caring nature. I guess that is what has drawn him to this struggle, he cares. In his telling, he reminded me of a 60s Freedom Rider. His halting, deadpan explanations of events added a veracity, a sincerity to his telling that spoke truth. Joe Buck ended that Game 6 broadcast with his father’s statement, “We’ll see you tomorrow!” Yes we will, yes we will.

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