Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne’s Red Maple Leaf Shawl

Anne has knitted the above pictured Red maple leaf shawl. Isn’t it lovely? I love how she has even worked into the pattern the leaf’s veins. I also love its gradual transition from colors light to dark. She is such a crafty woman. She modeled her shawl yesterday, for our photo shoot and while she looked fantastic in it, you really couldn’t she all of the shawl on her as well has you can see it here, laid flat. Seeing this photograph today, she mused that maybe she should have worn it pinned as a cape, like superman would, or rather superwoman, or maybe nature girl. She plans on wearing the shawl to Becca and Rey’s beach wedding this summer. I hope that she does not have to wear it under some other outer wear like she wore at our wedding, many years ago. It is too beautiful hide. 

Headed Home

Desert Mallow

We started our day with a stroll across the road from the motel, to the Taos Diner for breakfast. Afterwards,it was time to hit the road again. Firstly, there was was another mountain range to cross. On the way, a male elk jumped across the road right in front of us. We drove by Philmont scout ranch, which reminded me of my own scouting adventures of yesteryear. We came back down again in Cimarron, where the mountains meet the high plains. I must complain about Siri’s love of Bob’s roads, as we wound our way through eastern Colorado and western Kansas. Along the way, we listened to xkcd author’s “what if?” It’s good to be back in the Central time zone. We crash landed in Hayes, KS for the night. Anne bought some desert colors yarn in Taos. When she was looking at patterns with the proprietor, the owner mentioned that she had made a particular pattern for Julia Roberts. Anne thought, “Doesn’t she knit?” To which the other woman replied, “Yeah, but not very well.”


Anne at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

While visiting Arches and Canyonlands, we base camped out of Moab, right out of Moab. What it lacked in the way of arboreal charm, our campground in no small part made up with hot showers. Moab was once a mining town that boomed with uranium, but went bust in the 1980s when the market for nuclear power crashed. Fortunately for Moab, the invention of the mountain bike came along not too long after that and now the town is doing better than ever. I’m ashamed to admit that we visited mountain biking Mecca and didn’t go for a ride, but that’s life. You can’t do it all. Maybe next time.

Jane gave us a great breakfast steer with the Jailhouse Cafe. It really was once a jail. Even our boat outfitter complemented their bennys, which I had. Anne had an omelet, with ginger pancakes. She plans on trying to duplicate those pancakes sometime in the future. We also shared a pizza for dinner at Pasta Jays, which was also great.

Five Mergansers

Five Mergansers

Five Mergansers

We left the cabin this morning and are tonight in Ann Arbor. We had a nice and quite dinner tonight with Anne and Bill at the Red Hawk, an eatery on State Street. It was a pretty easy drive south, especially for me, since Anne did most of the driving. There was the usual traffic, with a backup north of Flint and although the weather was a little rainy, most of the rough stuff was in the western half of the state. We whiled away the miles listening to a podcast, “Stuff You Missed In History Class”. As the name implies, on this podcast two women tackle obscure, but interesting lessons from history. Today, we learned all about the long running conflict between margarine and butter, the Chinese admiral Zheng He and his 14th century treasure fleet, The Jacobite uprising of 1745, the late Victorian manure crisis and knitting. Let’s not forget about knitting. Did you know that Vermont once had only pink margarine? And before the advent of cars, large cities were literally drowning among piles of road apples? Anyway, it helped to pass the time and the final episode on the history of knitting helped to power Anne through the final leg of today’s drive.

Carnaby Street

Anne's Newest Hat

Anne’s Newest Hat

Here’s another picture of my favorite gal. See her rocking her that Carnaby Street look from back in the day, like in the Twiggy era. This hat is another one of her Knits for the Needy projects and is destined for charity, where some lucky homeless person will soon be sporting it. Now Knits for the Needy is the charity, but I had to ask her, “Why would you want to give nits to the kneady?” I mean really, don’t they have enough problems without someone handing them a lice infested cap? That’s just me though, but not to be outdone, Anne told me a knitting joke: “Where does virgin wool come from?” …wait for it now… “ugly sheep.”

The Boyz Are Back In Town

Cardinals Cardigan

Cardinals Cardigan

Dave is seen here modeling his new Cardinals cardigan that Anne knitted for him. It was presented to him last night as a belated birthday present, even though she had finished it before the Redbirds were themselves finished for the season. Its blue background is reminiscent of the Cards Sunday home uniform and the red and white striping and el Birdos logo is pure Saint Louis. Dave had come up with the idea for this sweater, from something similar that was done with the Orioles. Being both smart and sophisticated, it will make for the perfect attire for the well-dressed Cardinal fan, come opening day.

Victoria & Bridesman

Victoria & Bridesman

After Dave arrived, we picked Dan and his friend Tessa up at the airport and then brought them home and we all had gourmet cupcakes to celebrate Dave’s birthday. Tessa works on a reality TV show that involves a talent competition that features backstage moms and their little princesses. Sounds like the good, the bad and the ugly. Dan is seen with Vicki in her wedding gown. She looks gorgeous and Dan cleans up pretty well too. For you art aficionados out there Vicki and Dan are co-creators of the famous exploding bungee couch. Dan offered her said couch as a wedding gift, but she declined.