Marked Judge

Angry Bear

What were they thinking? Apparently, they weren’t. The New Yorker released a an article on Sunday implicating Supreme Court candidate Kavanagh, in a second sexual allegation. Today, lawyer Michael Avenatti chimed in with a third allegation, which was quickly followed by a fourth.

Then just after digesting these turns of events, the twitter-verse exploded with news that deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was resigning or being fired, or that he was not resigning or not being fired after all.

I must confess that I too got suckered by this story, along with many others, including the markets, but after it became apparent that nothing was going to happen, at least today, rumors went rife with questions about who had originally planted the story. In the end this subject was tabled until Thursday, when Trump and Rosenstein will meet. Thursday is also when the original Kavanagh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, will meet with Senate Republicans for a little tête-à-tête.

Thursday promises to be quite the media circus, with salacious testimony, palace intrigue and the clown prince orchestrating whatever new outrages that may come to mind. I should skip it and wait for the evening’s recaps, but I imagine that I’ll be tuned in. November cannot come soon enough.