Winter Is Coming! Time to Go!


Cold, cold, cold, that is the weather here now. Gone are the warm balmy, eighty-degree days of last week. Yesterday, it snowed across the river, 6”. We only got flurries and not that much of that. We went to the zoo, which for a Saturday was rather underpopulated. The cold weather must have kept people away. We pretty much kept to the houses, mainly the herpetarium and played find the reptile. The zoo closes early at this time of year, so we were soon ushered out. We are about to embark on a winter road trip, headed east this time. We will not be camping! It is too cold for that. We will be visiting a few parks along the way and a few big cities too. So, some outdoor activities and some indoor ones too. Mostly staying in hotels, but also staying with family and friends. It should be fun.

Bald Cypress Relations

IKEA Gnome Visits the Relatives

Round midnight they arrived, Rey, Becca, Corwin and Zaishin. The parental units were exhausted having to had fight traffic to get out of town, but both the boys were rested, wide awake and raring to go. It was well after one, before they all got settled, but the good news was that Corwin slept-in to seven today. Anne got her hair cut today and across the street from the hairstylist is Barrio, a restaurant that we frequented during the pandemic. Lunch was good. Next up was the zoo. Which went well, except that it became a bit of a death march towards the end. Dinner tonight, stuffed peppers.