Almost, But Not Quite

Tommy Edman

The Cardinals had sort of a fussy game on Sunday. It rained in the first inning, but that didn’t stop play. The Reds managed to score during this period of wetness and went on to score in the second and third innings. After three the Redbirds were down seven to nothing. Thing’s kind of quieted down until the Cardinals came roaring back and scored seven runs in one inning to tie up the game, but Saint Louis couldn’t close the deal and allowed one more Cincinnati run that gave them the lead again and eventually the game. This loss made for five in a row, leaving the Cardinals in a terrible slump. People were kind of fried after sitting in the hot sun all afternoon. Forty days in the desert meant that I didn’t get sunburned. I didn’t have to cook dinner, because we ordered pizza instead. Joanie joined us then. This morning, we went to the zoo. Bathing elephants were probably the highlight of our visit. For lunch we hit Blueberry Hill and then CRAB departed town.

Bath Time

Feeling Frothy

Bactrian Camel

Well, I’ve held my fire for a good long while now, but I think that it is about time for a good old fashion frothing at the mouth blog rant. I guess what has brought on this need, was last week’s Q-fest, CPAC. It came complete with a golden idol of Big Boy Donny, in flip-flops yet. He really has gone full Florida-man. Not that I listened to any of his fascist fountains of fabrication, but simply knowing that he was saying so was enough to make me foam at my mouth. I did read a report that he claimed to the gathered crowd of his idolaters, “We’ve been winning.” Said the man who lost the House, Senate and the Presidency. It doesn’t really matter what he says any more now. He’s not the President anymore. He is just an old man, full of bile and bigotry.

Enough of politics, on to vaccinations, another one of my favorite topics for rants. Here in Missouri, a couple of my bike buddies have received the vaccine, they are both cancer survivors. I’m happy for them and wish them well. I really want my own vaccine, but not that much. Joanie heard that some of the people that she knows has gotten shots out of Columbia. So, Anne signed us up there too. I  have a feeling that this vaccine hunt will turn out like some of my past job hunts, no offers for months and then one day three at one time.