St. Louis Central Gyrotonic

Yesterday, we embarked upon a new fitness regime. It is called gyrotonics and it involves the use of these pictured machines. We had our initial meet and greet, with Anne the proprietor. We’ve known Anne for years. We’ve ridden together on Team Kaldi’s, our Bike-MS charity team. She and her husband Chris are now co-captains of that team. In this first session we were evaluated and taught a few exercises. What is gyrotonics? After only one brief session, I don’t feel qualified to answer that question. It is the season for new year’s resolutions and this one is ours. Today though, I am feeling even that abbreviated workout.

In conjunction with gyrotonics, we plan on renewing our joint love affair with bicycling. We are planning two tours this year. The first is Cycle Zydeco. This four-day ride through rural Louisiana boasts bicycling by day and dancing at night. The ride coincides with a local Cajun festival. Other Team Kaldi’s friends talked us into this event and will join us. The other tour that we are planning is the MUP. This is a week-long tour. We’ve done this Yooper ride in the past and have seen it many more times as the riders annually pass the Cabin, but this year will be different. This year the ride shifts west and will loop through the center part of the UP. Weather permitting, we will also do the Bike-MS ride here in St. Louis. Last year’s ride was blown away by the remnants of a passing hurricane.

This all sounds like rather a lot to bite off and as we all know, most new year’s resolutions usually don’t go very far. But we’ve already put money down and most of it is something that we have done before. Today, taking advantage of the ever more frequent mid-winter thaws, we both got out on the bikes. It was only for a brief turn around the park, but it is a start. It is a new year after all!


Blue Clipper

Anne had a dentist appointment and since our dentist is in way West County, I made an outing out of this trip. She dropped me off at Faust Park and then went to her appointment. Faust is the home of the Garden’s butterfly house, the Saint Louis carousel, a 19th-century historic village and Thornhill. These attractions were all closed for the winter, except the butterfly house, whose annual closure begins next week. Faust is located off Olive Road, which is a venerable trace that crosses the peninsula that is Saint Louis and connects the Mississippi River to the Missouri. The village is a collection of historical West County buildings that have been gathered at Faust. Thornhill is the former residence of the second Missouri governor. It was eventually acquired by the Faust family, which in turn donated the property to the county.

All of these attractions are located near the Olive frontage side of the park and are on the edge of the river bluffs that overlook the Missouri River. The park has a big equestrian slant and boasts a horse trail that runs down the bluff to the flood plain, across a ravine and then up the bluff on the other side. I hiked this path, had it to myself and enjoyed the solitude of the walk. I made it back to the butterfly house a little before Anne also arrived. The conservatory was very warm and moist. It took my camera fifteen minutes to defog. It eventually did, Anne arrived and I was able to get a few good photographs, a nice outting. 

Looking Down from the Bluffs

Homophones and other Mistakes

San Esteban Island Chuckwalla

Trying to write everyday is hard work. I guess that’s why its not an every day occurrence. Still, they’re some who daily do there vigil and then share it out their in cyberspace. I count myself a member of this compliment. For all intensive purposes, I write something, even when I don’t have anything to say.

It is a doggy dog world. Supposably anyone is welcome to share ideas online. Undoubtably for some this is true. Irregardless, you other people should be regrettable for you’re regretful judgement, because I write pretty now. I just wanted to appraise you of this. All and all, in this day in age for all intensive purposes, I should of shone less regard for what other people think.

PS – The grammar Nazi that I live with is not pleased. I asked her to proof this post and she was not amused. Maybe it hit too close to hone?