Frank + Kathy

The Quilt that Kathy Made for Maren and David

Yesterday, Frank and Kathy arrived via Amtrak. They had taken the train cross-country from Sacramento to Chicago. That train had been delayed because of a boulder in the middle of the tracks, while passing through the mountains. They then spent a couple of nights in the Windy City, before coming to town. We picked them up downtown, gave them an impromptu tour by way of looking for Schlafly’s Tap Room, where we scored a wee bit to eat. Afterwards, we brought them home and then sat out on the back porch. Where it was cool enough, but still a bit too humid, after all of the rain that morning. Today’s weather is much nicer. I fixed dinner, Dave’s chicken shish-kabobs recipe and a cantaloupe and avocado salad.



Sunday, Anne spent all day learning how to make batts, fun, colorful, fancy batts. Batting is normally used as filling for the quilts that she makes, but these batts are more decorative, too decorative to cover-up. She and Joanie took a class on the subject that was given by a woman whose company is the Foldout Cat. Anne was showing me her day’s work. Also in the class was another fabric artist that had taught Anne the art of dyeing, many years ago. Anne is also seen modeling her newest knitting creation, a colorful new sweater, finished just the day before. She got lots of complements. She also bought some yarn. Surprise!

Baseball Suite in a Major Key

Carl with His Program Cover Quilts

A little late for Christmas, but worth the wait. Last night, Carl received his belated X-mas present. Anne has been working on this project pretty much since Dave and Maren’s wedding. She finished them this week and mailed them off before the storm hit town. The following is Carl’s lovely thank you:

At about 8:00 last night, one piece of mail fell through the slot. The postal service is hurting. I made sure there was nothing else and opened the door. Oh Boy, a package! And WHAT a package! These Cub Scorecard Quilted Blocks are FABULOUS. Thank you. With baseball in limbo right now, this really helped my feelings for the game. The artist is Otis Shepard. He and his wife, Dorothy, were accomplished graphic artists from the 1930’s through 1969 (when Otis died), in Billboards. I have a very interesting book about their lives, and it’s loaded with their work. I kind of fell back in love with Otis’ scorecards when I found a 1965 scorecard, scored by my dad, and it was a No-Hitter! I found it when they were moving from Illinois to Colorado. He had no memory of the game, being a Hard drinking Cubs fan, but it got me looking at the older Otis designed scorecards. From 1970 through the early 1980’s they did some knockoffs of his work. They were good, but as I found out, not nearly as good as Otis’. Then about 15 years ago I ran into a fellow baseball enthusiast at a Card shop. I told him about my love of the old Cubs and White Sox scorecards, and he said he had a bunch of both. I traded him some cards he needed, and I had all the Cub scorecards from 1954 through 1969, except 1955 and 1958, my birth year. Another X-mas a few years back you got me the 1958. But these quilted versions are priceless and with your choices of baseball quotes and phrasing on the backs, you’ve hit a GRAND SLAM Home Run. Doff your cap, Babe. (I’m not flirting; I’m using a phrase to conjure up Babe Ruth).

Below are the five quilt-lets side-by-side with the original Cubs program covers that inspired them. The captions below each pair appear on the back of each quilt. I think that Anne did a great job on this project and I’m glad that it was so well received. She is already hard at work on the first of three baby quilts.

Baseball Suite in a Major Key—For Carl, a Fantastic Fan!

It might be… it could be… IT IS! A Homerun! —Harry Carey

Chicago …Stormy, husky, brawling, City of Big Shoulders… —Carl Sandburg

He goes back, back to the wall. He jumps and… He makes the catch! He robs the homerun!

Son, what kind of pitch would you like to miss? —Dizzy Dean