Dad’s New Quilt

Dad’s New Quilt

Here is the new quilt that Anne made for my dad. Dad really like it. It is modeled on the view from his house that overlooks Monterey Bay. This year the grass is really green in the valley below us. She did a great job with it, but what is even more fantastic, is that she made it in just under a month. Record time! It was finished in time to come with us to Monterey. Anne claims that she made a few mistakes in making it, but I am sure that that is just another example of humble brag. Much like Persian rug makers intentionally put a mistake it their carpets so that Allah will not be offended with their craft.

Great Kiskadee Quilt

On Sunday, Anne left me home alone, so that she could go out and pal around with her girlfriends. She went to a quilt festival. As part of the festivities, a raffle was held there, where she won the above wall quilt portraying a Great Kiskadee. I have also included a photo of the same bird that we saw earlier this year, while visiting Costa Rica. Checking the quilt’s tag, it turns out that the quilt is also from Costa Rica. What a lucky girl!

Feelin’ Groovy

59th Street Bridge Quilt

Pictured is the new wall hanging quilt that Anne has recently finished making for Ashlan and Allen. It was a commissioned work that they requested as a wedding present. They can see the 59th Street Bridge from their apartment. We saw their view last fall, when we visited them there. At night, all lit up, it really is a spectacular sight. After that visit we walked the bridge the next day. It has a walkway aside the roadway, but even with a separated walkway it was still a pretty scary hike, what with all of the deliverymen and commuters on their electric bicycles speeding by us all of the time. In addition to being an NYC landmark, this bridge, more formally known as the Queensboro Bridge, was also featured in the Simon and Garfunkel song Fellin’ Groovy.  It took her so long to make, because it was a difficult project for her to design what with all of the bridge’s suspension work. Anne was especially pleased with the irony of using chiffon and tulle to make the bridge’s iron and steel suspension system. 😂