I’m With Her, Again

Trump Tower

We spent most of a rainy Saturday afternoon at Covert Coffee. Dan worked on his resume and applied for several jobs online. This made Saturday my much deserved rest day. Covert is so named, because it is on Covert Street, not for any more nefarious reasons, but this does beg the question, ‘Why was Covert St. so named?’ Later, we ate a lunch/dinner at a great little Mexican place, right across the street. It was dirt cheap.

On Sunday, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Taking the train there, I noticed an admonition to Pokémon Go players, asking them to please stay behind the yellow line, even if the Pokémon that you are trying to catch is dancing invitingly on the third rail. We grabbed a quick bite at Shake Shack, before going into the museum. My meal was a burger with cheese fries, washed down with a coffee shake. When I get home, I really need to start eating better again. Frankly, I was blown away by the Met. Their collection was like nothing that I’ve seen before and I’m thinking of the likes of the Smithsonian here, the only other institution that in my experience even comes close. We closed it and then walked a little in Central Park afterwards. At the 86th St. station, I had to buy two fares, because we first entered on the uptown side and there was no way to get across the tracks, except by reentering across the street. We got off early and ate dinner at Houdini’s again. In addition to pizza, we had a very local brew, Bridge and Tunnel. This brewery was next door. We walked back to Dan’s and settled-in to watch the debate. Fortunately, we tuned into CNN too late to catch Trump’s little sh!t show, but I was pleased to see the in-auditorium pre-show. It reminded me of home. When I booked my return flight, I had first tried for Sunday, but tickets were $200 more. Now I know why. The debate was well the debate, but we got through it fine. Afterwards, we watched the previous night’s SNL, hosted by Lin Manuel. It was like a soothing balm.

Monday dawned bright and clear. We caught a quick coffee at Routine, before Dan Ubered me off to La Guardia. This was my first Uber ride and it was an experience. I’m writing this on the plane and will post it when I land. I’m looking forward to dinner tonight in Saint Louis, with Dave and Anne. I feel so blessed. Thank you, God!

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