A Day on the Town

Yesterday, Anne and Dave picked me up at the airport. We went out to dinner, to the Greek place, the Olympia and celebrated Dave’s birthday. All too soon though he had to head back to Purdue. Those chinchillas can be demanding rodents. Afterwards, Rene, Alice and Chris’s son and his friend Ed arrived. Rene is moving to New Mexico, where he has a civilian job with the Air Force. They both were pretty beat after their long drive from Rochester and soon went to bed, which was fine with me, because I was beat too.

Today, Anne played hooky and together we squired our guests around town. We started off with breakfast at Uncle Bill’s. Next, we cruised by Rene’s old house on Flora. It took us a while, because of the Kingshighway closure, but we made it to the Science Center in Forest Park. It really is much easier on a bike. The original plan was to do both the Science Center and the City Museum, but unfortunately, the City Museum is closed on Tuesdays. That was fine though, because we just spent more time at the Science Center. They’ve taken down the old inflatable Quonset hut out back and erected a new permanent exhibit called Grow, which is dedicated to farming in Missouri. Then we cruised over to Blueberry Hill for lunch. Our final stop was the art museum. I don’t know how much rest they both got on this their layover day, but they sure had fun.

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