To Half Moon Bay and Back

Chris drove us from Monterey to Half Moon Bay, up the coast on Highway 1. We drove up, straight through, only stopping at our terminus, the Moss Beach Distillery, for lunch. Perched high above the beach, this historic speakeasy features fine food, drink, a great view and tales of rumrunners and a ghost, the Blue Lady. After lunch, we began working our way south again. We stopped at the Pigeon Point lighthouse and various state beaches along the way. Our big stop was Aňo Nuevo State Park, home on the Central Coast for the elephant seals. They have been working hard on renovating this park and there is still work ongoing. We had to take two detours in our 3 mile roundtrip sojourn through the sand. It was a slog, but the many new duckboards made a difference. Next up was Davenport, a coastal town just north of Santa Cruz that is mainly inhabited by surfers. Here was the day’s real mission, the Crack, a coastal rock slough that Chris wanted to photograph and add to his ever burgeoning collection of Central Coast pictures. Chris had brought crampons and kneepads to aid in his scramble across the rocks. I made one lame attempt to follow him, but when an errant wave soaked my shoes, I turned back. Anne and I hung out on the beach occasionally calling Chris just to check on him. We had a LA camera crew for company. They were photographing the sea stack too. After sunset Chris came back and we drove south to Santa Cruz, where we grabbed some pizza for a late dinner. Afterwards, we headed home.

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