Monterey Sea Otter

Monterey Sea Otter Feeding

Monterey Sea Otter Feeding

The other day, Anne and I toured the Monterey waterfront. We started at Fisherman’s wharf and walked to Lover’s Point and back. We saw the San Salvador, which had just docked that day. I missed the Spanish galleon that was part of this year’s Great Lakes tall ships tour, so it was good to see this vessel. We were originally planning on seeing the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but our slow sojourn along the coast, ate up all of our time. We took our time and observed the abundant marine life, including this otter. Later, we observed two marine biologists who were also watching the otters.

Anne and I went to church with Dad. We first visited Mom’s grave. He attends San Carlos, the oldest and  smallest cathedral in California. Presiding over Mass was the retired bishop. His homily was a riff on the day’s gospel, Luke’s story of the rich man and Lazarus. In this story, Lazarus the beggar is turned away from the rich man’s house. Eventually, they both die and have to face judgment. Lazarus is admitted into heaven, but the rich man is denied. The rich man first pleads to Lazarus for relief, but is again denied by God. He then pleads on the behalf of his five brothers and is again denied.

In his homily, the bishop told a personal story. He had just lost his iPhone while golfing. It had fallen out of his pocket on the course. Here he digressed and talked about the quarterly solicitations to Catholic charities. He had just given, when yet another solicitation had arrived. Returning to the clubhouse, he again noticed the young men, mostly Hispanic, waiting to caddy. It turns out that one of these men had already turned in the phone. The bishop decided to then and there make another donation in the name of his sixth brother.

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