Electric Peach & Sunny Yellow

Winter Cycling

Winter Cycling

Anne is seen here rocking her new bicycling look for 2016. Her colors are electric peach (under her shell, she has a matching jersey and a coordinated base layer) and orange, as in her brand new bike helmet. My cartoonish photo effect (it is called sunny) has made her colors a little redder than they really are, but I love the vibrancy that these already bright colors now have. We almost pop out of the picture. I am seen sporting a two-day growth of beard and winter cycling clothes that I have had for years. We both have on matching black tights and black cycling shorts (not shown). I wear my tights on the inside and shorts on the outside, while Anne does it the opposite way, just in case you had to know.

I rode in the park yesterday. I was by myself and I only saw two other cyclists, which is not a good sign. So few other bikers make me wonder about my sanity. I don’t mine looking like a crazy cyclist, but I appreciate the company. Today, it was ten degrees warmer and there were plenty of people in the park. We easily made our sanity quotient of at least six other bicyclists. On both days, I visited Charles the Great Horned owl, now that I know where his new favorite tree is. Both days he was pretty much asleep. Also on both days, I stopped off at the visitor’s center for a warm-up and today a little something with Anne.

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