The Whole Mispocha

LFC Chinese Acrobat's Fire-Breather

LFC Chinese Acrobat’s Fire-Breather

We are looking forward to the gathering of the clan. Bubs and Harry, their issue, their grandchildren, a couple of other guys and a new guy will all be in attendance at the cabin this summer. Our children will be there, Dan who we have not seen since Christmas and Dave who we have not seen since Easter. Jay and Carl will be there, along with Rey and Ashlan and Ashlan’s boyfriend, poor guy. I know, I’ve been there, where he will be. Maybe even Jane will be there too, I hope. Twelve people in one cabin, with one bathroom, plus an outhouse. Even though the outhouse is a two-seater, I’ll be sure to pack plenty of patience. We have too big wedding anniversaries to celebrate, for Anne and I it will be our 35th and for Jay and Carl it will be their 30th. It will be good to see everyone again and I’m sure that we can work through any lavatory issues.

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  1. yes – you will see Jane this weekend! I’m planning on outhouse usage most of the time, just for the ease of it all. my main concern is sleeping space…. have sleeping bag, will travel! maybe to the loft. on a newly created mattress perhaps?

    see you soon!

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