Bored Wolves and Lonely Sheep

Tonight, Saint Louis is once again the capital of the nation of baseball. Tonight, features Game 5 of the World Series, where the Cardinals meet the Red Sox tied 2-2. Both teams have their aces on the mound. It should be a pitchers duel, but so far this series has been anything but predictable. After tonight, one team will be up 3-2. Go Cards Go!

Dave, Rey and Bre all survived Game 4 last night, although it was chilly, in the thirties, by the end of the game. They had taken MetroLink down, so it wasn’t until after midnight that they got back home. Iwas already asleep by then. Both Dave and Bre had early morning classes, so they got up at 4:30 and left for Purdue well before sunrise. Anne had made them a pot of coffee that was ready to be made with the push of a button, but Bre doesn’t drink coffee and Dave couldn’t. He had a lab to do when he got back to Purdue. He had to fast and then drawn his own blood, then eat various foods and draw additional blood after each sample. Lab rats, guinea pigs and grad students, what is the difference? They made it back OK. We had breakfast with Rey. I left for work. Then Rey left town and Anne was left home alone.

The photos with this post are from Dan’s latest art show. It was held last Saturday, at the Torrance Art Museum and was called MAS Attack 2. The purpose of this show was to bring a large group of artists together with gallery owners, curators and collectors to promote conversation. It was like a giant collective studio visit. Dan’s piece is called “Mine is a World of Bored Wolves and Lonely Sheep.” When asked what does that mean, he said that it was taken from a poem, which itself is referencing someone else’s quote.

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