Home Alone

While Anne alternately lounges lakeside on the beach or kicks my butt on the bike, by getting more miles than I do, I’ve survived my first weekend home alone. I wasn’t a total hermit, not even a bike hermit, I got out on Friday night and took a more languorous tour of the art museum’s new wing than I could afford earlier this week, when I just did a quick drive-by. The old Slammer was a happening place, there was a lot going on for a night at the museum. People were gathering on the lawn, in the bowl of Art Hill. The museum is doing movie nights this summer and the feature that night was Westside Story. In addition to the people, there were a dozen food trucks pandering to the gathering throng.

Saturday morning, I launched on a bike ride. The photos with this post are from that ride. The cone flowers and frog were taken in Forest Park. I cruised over to Tower Grove Park and saw the Rack + Clutch, a clothes store in a step van. There are plenty of food trucks plying their wares about town, but this is the first clothes store in a truck that I’ve seen. I stopped at the Compton Heights bandstand, while circling the park. On the way back from Tower Grove Park, I stopped at the garden for water. They had a new show going on there, the Desert Show. This is the first time that the garden has put on this show. The garden is gearing up to reconstruct the Desert house. Years ago, when the Climatron was being renovated, they tore down the Desert and the Mediterranean houses. They rebuilt the Mediterranean house at that time, but not the Desert house. Now, plans are afoot to do just that. There is just the little matter of the $12M construction cost. Finally, there was a car show at the Heights, all part of Richmond Height’s 100th anniversary celebration.

For Sunday morning’s bike ride, I stayed in Forest Park. Circling the bike path, I spied a sign announcing that the mounted police stables will be reopened in the fall. They have been closed for a couple of years, awaiting lead abatement. Forest Park Forever is paying for this work.

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