Corazón Eterno

Lesbian Walk Signal at Trafalgar Square

Corazón Eterno (Always in My Heart) by playwright Caridad Svich is the middle play in this year’s Ignite! festival at the Rep. This festival involves the reading of new, still developing plays before a live audience. We have been regularly attending Ignite! since its inception. This year the festival has moved from the Opera Theater rehearsal hall to the Rep’s Studio Theater, the black box, where the chairs are more comfortable. Svich’s play is a story of unrequited love. As the title implies, it has a Latin American setting and it also uses language reminiscent of Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez. Its story is as old as Romeo & Juliet and features two star-crossed lovers separated by their families. The twist here is that the two protagonists are both named Julia and their love is the romantic love between two women.

After each reading Seth Gordon, the Ignite! artistic director comes out and quizzes the audience, asking us what aspect of the play was most memorable. I’ve always felt that this Q&A was primarily for the playwright’s benefit, giving them additional feedback on their work. I mentioned that these plays are still at a stage of considerable flux and this is especially true for this play here. I was surprised to learn while researching this post that Corazón Eterno had been performed this February in the Twin Cities. The Pioneer Press gave it a nice review, but also divulged a storyline that was significantly different. Three of the actors appeared on both stages: Mariana Fernandez, Lisa Suarez and Sasha Andreev still play Julia, Clemencia and Michael respectively. Julia still had an overbearing father, but then the other Julia (Keira Keeley) was called Julio and was played by a man. Holy gender-bending, Batman!

I’ll leave you with the following unrelated YouTube link. It shows the band Fever High playing their song “Looks Good on Paper”. It features some rather snappy bubblegum and is my nominee for this summer’s earwig. 

GoPro Selfie

GoProing at the SLAMmer

GoProing at the SLAMmer

This selfie is recycled from a Facebook post from last weekend, but since it represented a fair amount of work, I’m using it again here. The problem with using the GoPro as a still camera is that you can’t see what you’re shooting until after the fact. I’m sure the same problem exists with making movies. All those beautiful high-definition GoPro movies must involve many retakes to produce. In the case of this photo, it led to many takes before this one acceptable shot. Anyway, I rode in the park on Saturday, all by myself. I could not coax my better half out. This separation at least left me with enough time to experiment with the GoPro. I like riding with Anne, but I also enjoy a little me time on the bike too. This month being April and April having thirty days, Anne has decided to jumpstart her summer training program, by going thirty for thirty. She actually started on the last day of March, because next Tuesday, she’ll be an election judge and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do that and exercise. So, next Tuesday she’ll have already earned her bye.