Anne at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

While visiting Arches and Canyonlands, we base camped out of Moab, right out of Moab. What it lacked in the way of arboreal charm, our campground in no small part made up with hot showers. Moab was once a mining town that boomed with uranium, but went bust in the 1980s when the market for nuclear power crashed. Fortunately for Moab, the invention of the mountain bike came along not too long after that and now the town is doing better than ever. I’m ashamed to admit that we visited mountain biking Mecca and didn’t go for a ride, but that’s life. You can’t do it all. Maybe next time.

Jane gave us a great breakfast steer with the Jailhouse Cafe. It really was once a jail. Even our boat outfitter complemented their bennys, which I had. Anne had an omelet, with ginger pancakes. She plans on trying to duplicate those pancakes sometime in the future. We also shared a pizza for dinner at Pasta Jays, which was also great.

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