The Gods Were Perspiring Against Us

Kawragig (with no ears or unable to hear), Alick Tipoti, 1975

Kawragig (with no ears or unable to hear), Alick Tipoti, 1975

Today, it was hot-hot-hot, when Anne and I rode in Forest Park. This will likely be Anne’s last training ride, before this weekend’s big MS bicycle ride. She is teaching Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll try to squeak one more ride in tomorrow morning and then its rest days for me too until Saturday and Sunday. The weather forecast for this weekend looks pretty good. I should be able to get out earlier tomorrow than we did today, at least if I get up when Anne does for work. Of course all this exercise could be moot, because tomorrow night Matt Lauer will host a commander-in-chief forum on the deck of the aircraft carrier Intrepid in NYC. While not quite a debate, I view it more like the weigh-in ceremony before a big title fight. This will be Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s first face-to-face of the campaign, well sort of. I’m not sure exactly how this event is supposed to go down. They may be no closer to each other than split screens on TV. An aircraft carrier’s deck has a lot of acreage. Think of it as a teaser for the three debates yet to come. The pictured aboriginal mask, Kawragig, with no ears or unable to hear, seemed the appropriate deity to invoke for tomorrow night’s festivities. It is from Queensland, Australia, and is meant to frighten people who do not conform to cultural protocols or who disobey the advice of the elders. Let’s hope that Kawragig is able to keep a handle on things, because I’m sure Mr. Lauer is going to need all the help that he can get.

7 thoughts on “The Gods Were Perspiring Against Us

      • We’ll see. My cynical side is just recalling that veterans fundraiser he held in lieu of an earlier debate when he had a hissy about something. Y’know, the one where it took investigative journalists looking into complaints to get him to produce a check to that veterans group several months later.

  1. Karen, his one no-show is calculated as his only loss. Time will tell. Stick to the fundamentals and run your ground game. As the mercury drops, so does the seriousness of the campaign increase.

  2. liked the title! gawds, persp, against, heh.
    I hope to high heck “they” allow Johnson/v-p cand (& maybe even the “greens”) to also attend! forest park, as in THE forest park? (i’ll be there inna coupla weaks)

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