Sideways Laboring

Bear Shaman, David Ruben PIQTOUKUN, 1985

Bear Shaman, David Ruben PIQTOUKUN, 1985

“One Drink Minimum to Capture a Pokémon in the Bar” – Rosie’s Place, CWE

We enjoyed a slow morning today, luxuriating until noon. I made a pair of Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, thank you very much Jane. But by the time that we were ready to move, it was already too hot outside. So, we bagged the outside ideas of bicycling and the Japanese Festival at the gardens. Instead, we went to the history museum. There we caught two shows that neither of us had seen. One of the advantages of being out-of-town all summer. There was “Route 66 – Main Street through Saint Louis”, a local history of the Mother Road, featuring all of the iconic landmark both past and present associated with this first national highway. Think Ted Drewes, the Parkmoor and the Coral Courts. Then there was “Little Black Dress – From Mourning to Night”, a fashionistas history of that dark, dark little dress. We manage to catch this show on its very last day. Anne enjoyed it more than I did, but the demographics in the galleries could have telegraphed that. Anne enjoyed the detail work on some of the dresses and the sweeping change in fashion from the 19th-century to the present. She also liked to listen to the other people’s reactions.

After the museum walk, it was time for lunch. We headed over to the Greek festival, but the sign warning “No Bikes, No Dogs Allowed” was soon followed with signs saying no food left. We were too late and the place was too hot and crowded, but not to worry, we just backtracked a block and ate at Oasis. Usually, it is just us and the proprietor, but even this place was hopping. Still, we got our gyros and in air-conditioned comfort.

Today is Labor Day! It commemorates American workers and also traditionally marks the end of the summer. As a newly retired worker, I think that a little victory dance is in order today. I’m still trying to get my head around this whole retirement gig, but so far, I’m loving the process.

Pictured is modern Inuit art that we saw in Quebec City. It is made of steatite, ivory and horn. I really like the sideways aspect of the work and the fangs.

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