Looking On Down the Beach

Looking Down the Beach

Looking Down the Beach

So yesterday, I got the upcoming California trip planned. Today, Anne had her only day off this week. We biked together in Forest Park. It wasn’t hot, but it was super humid. It was so humid that on the way home, the humidity began to precipitate out of the air. I think that you call that rain. We laid over at Kaldi’s Coffee and each had a latté. Later, I went swimming. I’m really kicking myself for not knowing that I could have been swimming at the Maplewood pool for that last two years for free. This time I did get tagged by the middle schoolers on the way out of the locker room. They are a squirrely people. Anne has accepted a long-term sub position in the elementary school as a math interventionist. It all sounds like a mission impossible, except for Anne. Cue the fuse — 

Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun dada doo de doo doo de doo doo de doo doo do

I wonder if prime numbers will be involved? This gig is scheduled to start after we return from the Golden State, which leaves me open to the idea of a solo trip. I’m thinking camping and I’m thinking either west or south, but I’m leaning west. Maybe a mini-me version of the grand National Parks tour that I had hoped to do this summer, but this time in the off-season, when they are less crowded. I guess I better start planning that tomorrow. Who knew that retirement would require so much planning and logistics? Everyone kept asking me, “So, Mark what are you going to do in retirement?” Now I know.

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