It’s Good To Be With Family

One Is Not Like The Others - Mergansers And Seagull

One Is Not Like The Others – Mergansers And Seagull

Jay and Carl arrived here safely. They traveled from upstate New York, through Canada. While in Canada they were incommunicado, mainly because Jay shut off her phone. Normally, this is no problem, but they missed their most optimistic ETA. Then the worrying began. Before they did signal that they were going through customs, the entire beach had been alerted and the Mounties had been called out. All ended well and we met them for lunch at Penny’s Kitchen. Today’s other big story was the Merganser chicks. I first saw them this morning, when I was walking the beach, while I was still getting my steps in. I didn’t have my camera then, so I turned around and headed back for it. When I got back to them, they posed beautifully for me. I counted at least an even dozen babies; well actually, they look more like teenagers now. I chose this tight grouping as the best shot. Later, in the afternoon, I was swimming and who should come cruising by, but mama merganser and her twelve very large chicks. I tried swimming out to them, but they easily swam around me. Soon I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and turned around for shore.

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