California Poppies

California Poppy

California Poppy

On Saturday, we picked Dan up and then headed to Hugo’s in Studio City. Cooper and Sally were already there waiting for us. We all had an enjoyable two-hour brunch. There is nothing like spending time with old friends. Afterwards, we took Dan back to his studio, checked it out some and then headed north. We had been noticing the beneficial effects of California’s recent rains since we first landed. The grounds between the runways at LAX were dotted with poppies. We saw even more poppies, this time on the hillsides along the Five as we summited Tejon Pass, just north of LA. It was an uneventful drive through the San Joaquin valley and we arrived in Monterey, almost on time. We dropped our bags and turned around and headed out to dinner with Chris and my Dad. The pictured poppy is from the front yard of the house, where everything is so green.

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  1. I loved my trip to Monterey at New Year’s. all the whales and other animal life and so beautiful at Point Lobos!!! a stunning day. hope you have much of the same!!

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