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Mosaic Mask, Late Post-Classic Maya, 1200-1250 CE

Mosaic Mask, Late Post-Classic Maya, 1200-1250 CE

Anne, Dan and I made it to Ann Arbor yesterday. Dave should join us here later today. Bubs and Horsey are hosting us, but can’t seem to get a handle on our exit strategy. Partly, this is because it is dependent upon the weather. I’m so glad that we drove yesterday, instead of today, like we had originally planned. There are storms raging across the Midwest today, from Saint Louis to here. Earlier we texted Dave, just to make sure that he was up, because there was a line of storms that was about to hit Purdue, but he was already up and at work and waiting on his boss, before he could exercise his exit strategy. I hope that he has a safe trip. It’s nice to have the flexibility to travel around winter weather.

PS – Dave made it safely

PPS – A tornado landed not too far from where Dave passed.

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