Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Round & Round

Santa Cruz Trapeze Swing Merry-Go-Round

Santa Cruz Trapeze Swing Merry-Go-Round

We launched relatively early this morning and marched over to the high school for the annual MRH pancake breakfast. We sat with Dave’s former English teacher. He seemed impressed with Dave’s studies. By way of conversation, I told him my little joke about Dave’s scientific abstracts, “I think that they are written in English, at least there are some English words in them.” I got a laugh out of him. His wife is a SLU doctoral candidate. She is studying women’s preconceptions about labor. With two children under three, I think that she has been bringing a lot of her work home with her.

When we got home again Anne and I went to work measuring, re-measuring and them ordering new top-down / bottom-up cordless window blinds. They will be for the newly restored living / dining rooms. We’ll see them after Thanksgiving and if we followed the instructions correctly and measured the windows accurately, then installing them should be a breeze. We worked well together.

Next, Anne left to go knit in public and I went to mail a package. Our city post office has been moved to van down by the river. Really, the ‘van’ is a trailer and the ‘river’ is an open storm sewer, but the analogy still holds. The original post office building is being converted into part of a new strip mall. The new post office will occupy just a small portion of its original footprint. I hadn’t noticed that workmen have already begun working on the old post office building, because they cannot alter its exterior. The city has declared the building a historical landmark, which surprised me because it was only built in the sixties, is not that remarkable and I’m older than that. Am I a historical landmark too?

Errand complete, I went for a bike ride. I rode over to the Kemper Art Museum, on the WashU campus, where there were two exhibits that I wanted to see. The first one has been around for a while, it is art from World War I. Many of the pieces involved some rather amazing and striking graphics and many of the works were not specifically war related. The second exhibit is the museum’s marquis show, paintings of Winston Churchill. He was a better statesman than he was a politician and he was a better politician than he was a painter. Still, it was an interesting show. Afterwards, I rode round and round the park.

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