Not Quite Pink Flamingo

Not Quite Pink Flamingo

Not Quite Pink Flamingo

The rot has set in and I’m not sure if it will ever leave again, anyway, another Friday, another day off. At least for me it was. Anne was the teacher of English as a second language, which entailed shuttling back-and-forth between the district’s three campuses all day. It was hot today and it is going to be hot all holiday weekend long. I started the day with a bike ride in Forest Park, but I was not alone by any means. Labor Day weekend means bike races in Saint Louis, the Gateway Cup runs all weekend long. In addition to the usual suspects there were bike racers out for a morning roll, including a women’s team all with identical bikes and outfits. It must be a pro team. Clayton middle school was also present, with about twenty-some students on bicycles. After my ride, I turned things around and headed back to the park. This time I was driving. My first stop was the zoo. My mission was get a picture of Kali, the new polar bear, in the water. I figured that it was hot enough that any self-respecting polar bear would be in the water and I was right. I got a decent shot of him, but it just wasn’t as beautiful as the flamingo. I love the contrasting orange and green colors. After the zoo, I did a drive by of the art museum and took advantage of it being free Friday there. I could get use to this lifestyle. Wait a minute, I think that I already am.

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